10 Natural And Traditional Rituals To Cleanse Your Home Of Negative Energy

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing people with the environment that surrounds us. It is based on the belief that our energy depends on the location and where do we stand. Some places have positive influence on you, and others negative. If you don’t feel good, it means that your energy is blocked. These places make you feel lazy, depressive, passive, frustrated and without energy.

Whenever you notice these signs, it means that you should try practicing this ancient Chinese art of placement to cleanse your home from the accumulated negative energy that surrounds you. Make your house a comfortable place, full of positive energy, where you will enjoy spending time.

Here you have a list of herbs that will turn your home into paradise.

Caution: Keep the windows open in any place you do these rituals. Do not leave those rituals that require burning unattended.

1. For Decluttering, Burn Cedar

By burning this herb, your air will be completely purified and you will get rid of the bad vibes. When you get new things, you can wave it near the objects to eliminate the vibes of the previous owner, especially if you feel some kind of strong influence.

2. For Purification, Burn Resins

You can use frankincense and myrrh, which are part of many ancient cultures. The resin is hard to burn, so you should light the tip of some charcoal with a match or lighter. Then, put it on a nonflammable surface like sand or ceramic bowl or plate. When you notice that the charcoal gets a little flame, put some resin on top of it. Be extra careful. You don’t want to burn yourself. The steam of frankincense is thought to take the people’s wishes to the spiritual realm. It relaxes your body and mind and it improves your mood. While myrrh helps with your concentration and it is good for your body balance.

3. For Prosperity, Burn Palo Santo

People from the South America consider Palo Santo as the sacred wood. Native shamans used it habitually to spread love and prosperity. This wood burns slowly and you will be fascinated by its pleasant fragrance, reminding you of forest aroma. It will stimulate your energy and positive thoughts.

4. For Clarity, Burn Tibetan Monastery Incense

This incense is consisted of 38 Himalayan herbs and infusions. It is described as a very effective natural air purifier. You will be able to create an atmosphere of peacefulness and serenity. It is the best meditation therapy.

5. For Grounding Yourself, Burn Sandalwood

Its mystical aroma will turn your home into a magical space. It will positively influence your mind and it will boost your energy.

6. For Ease and Comfort, Burn Juniper

If you are looking for something to loosen up your muscles, and reduce the pressure in your neck and shoulders, burning Juniper is the perfect solution for you. Create a sense of calmness and comfort with this amazing herb.

7. For Loving Aura, Burn Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa is burnt in a room where people spend most of their time. It will fill you with positive and optimistic thoughts, instead of negative and optimistic thoughts. Your sense for care and love will increase. Believe it or not, people are deeply connected thanks to the characteristics of this herb. The family relations are also much improved.

8. For New Beginnings, Burn Rosemary

Rosemary is a very popular ingredient in many cuisines, but did you know that it symbolizes a new beginning in life? If you are about to go on a journey, or if you are about to make some important decision, then burn this herb and encourage your confidence. Its scent will boost your energy and fill you with enthusiasm.

9. For Fantasy Visions At Night, Burn Mugwort

Burn Mugwort before going to sleep in your bedroom and feel the amazing effects. You will experience interesting dreams, which will positively influence on your creativity later. So, embark on an adventure and enjoy your world of fantasy.

10. For a Sense Of Inner Peace, Light a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Apart from being a unique decoration, lighting the Himalayan lamp will clean the air from negative ions and create a calming atmosphere. It will reduce the levels of stress and anxiety. Your sleeping will also be significantly improved.

11. For Overall Elemental Cleansing

Burn a candle, keep a bowl of rock salt, a glass of water and light any incense you prefer. Put them all next to each other in a room. Once you are finish that, continue with doing some cleaning activity in the room such as sweeping.

For each of these, open a window and let in some fresh air, sunshine, or moonlight. In this way you will enrich the positive effects.

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