10 Secret Kitchen Hacks, Which Only Chefs Know

Cooking can be a real pleasure, especially if you know how to practice culinary tricks. Even if you are not a cooking expert, we are going to present you 10 amazing kitchen tips to use them whenever you are cooking and baking.

When you find out these kitchen hacks you are going to enjoy spending time in the kitchen even more.

Did you know that if you boil the water for ice cubes before you freeze them they will be perfectly clear? Well, try this trick next time you will be needing crystal ice cubes.

How to check the age of eggs and see whether you can still consume them?

  • If egg stays firmly on the bottom, it means that it is fresh.
  • If it floats on the surface, it is a very old egg.


If you often cook a lot of eggs, you can use the oven, 160 degrees for up to 15 minutes.


Before preparing your favorite lemonade, roll the lemon with a little pressure on your countertop to easily squeeze the juice.


Keep your wine cold and undiluted by putting some frozen grapes in it.


Use a spoon to help you peel the ginger in no time.


Peeling the garlic has never been easier: put it in a bowl, make sure you shake it well, and you are done.

If you put the ice-cream in a bag before storing it in the fridge, it will not be that frozen and hard. Eating it with a spoon will be much easier.


Put a wooden spoon on the cooking pot, in order to prevent the water from boiling over. What a trick, ha?


If you put few lemon slices under the grilled fish, it will get an extraordinary taste. You will not regret it, trust us.


Useful and interesting kitchen techniques, don’t you think?

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