11 Things You Should Never Question Your Man If You Want An Everlasting Relationship

Relationships are not easy. Well, they aren’t supposed to be.

Women are often considered to be the more sensitive one out of the two people in a relationship, but what we do not know is, there are little things that bother men too.

As little as they may seem, they have a huge impact. They even hold the power to break your relationship if not taken care after in the right time.

There are things that a man doesn’t likes, and one of them is being questioned about a lot of things. Even though, it’s really mature to ask about things straight up, to avoid misunderstandings in future, some questions can indeed be really hurtful.

To know what these questions are, continue reading!

1. How much do you love me?

Seeking reassurance once in a while is a good thing. But make sure you don’t catch a habit of it. It’s unhealthy for your relationship. He might feel like he isn’t doing enough to make his emotions be felt.

2. What are the changes you want to see in me?

That’s a pretty weird question to ask. They love you for who you are. If you want to change, do it only because you want to update yourself internally and externally. Asking them about what changes they want to see in you is like creating your own future crisis.

3. Prove your love

This takes us back to point one. Asking for validation is fine. But asking someone to prove their love is an absurd thing. You can’t prove love. You can only express and feel this.

4. Can we still be friends?

This is an inhuman thing to ask, whether from a boy or a girl. You cannot break someone’s heart and expect them to be “friends” with you. That’s not how this works. If you’re ready to let them go, be sure that you have to do that in all ways. You can’t push them away and still keep holding their strings.

5. Do you remember all the dates?

We all know that you need to be exceptionally lucky to have a man who remembers all the dates. It’s just how it is with them. So don’t shame him for not remembering the date of your first kiss.

6. Am I turning fat?

You don’t like him lying and you’re not prepared for the truthful answer. What does that poor creature even do in this situation?

7. What can you sacrifice for me?

If he loves you, you won’t have to ask him what he can sacrifice for you. When the time comes, he’ll prioritize and you’ll get your answer. While being in the relationship, don’t make him think like he’ll have to choose between himself and you.

8. Are your parents going to live with us?

That’s a rude question to ask because come on, it’s his parents! They’ll stay if they want to.

9. Me or your best friend?

We’ve all been in this situation and trust me, it’s helpless and painful. Both these relationships have their own special spot in life and nobody can take the others’ position.

10. What do you like in me?

If he’s with you, it means that he likes all of you. A rather weird question, I must say.

11. Will you love someone after me?

Well, none of us can answer this since none of us have seen the future. This question will make him think about things and that’s bad. Men are pretty rational beings. He knows that life doesn’t stop.

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