15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

Good manners are a sign of regardless, politeness of what others may think. Good manners include being courteous, having clean and neat outlook, restraining emotions, using proper vocabulary and speaking properly.

So, if you want to learn some good manners, read the following etiquette 15 rules:

1. When some people walking near to you greet you, you should greet them as well, even if you’ve never seen them before.

2. Don’t check your phone constantly when you’re with someone. This can be understood as boredom or disinterest. So, instead of scrolling on your Facebook or Instagram, dedicate yourself to the person next to you.

3. If you’re a male, you can eat sushi with your hands, instead of using chopsticks.

4. Don’t ask people out if you plan to spend the night calling or texting others.

5. Don’t forget to thank people who help you because this is a sign of respect.

6. Ladies shouldn’t allow men to carry their bags, men should always take a lady’s coat.

7. Avoid meaningless conversations over the phone. Answer your phone only when it’s very important.

8. You should never talk loudly, laugh loudly, and you should never stare at people.

9. If you’re a driver do not to splash pedestrians.

10. When you’re at the theater, cinema, etc. while walking to your seat, you should look at the people you pass on your way.

11. If you made a mistake and you apologize, you should never repeat the same mistake.

12. Polite men respect all women equally.

13. Keep these 9 things to yourself: family problems, medical problems, gifts, wealth, affairs, honor, disgrace, religion, and age.

14. If you follow a unique trend, people might find it absurd, regardless of how good it looks.

15.Regardless of your status, profession, or age, always greet everyone when you enter somewhere.

Following these rules is a step forward for you and for the world. Although some of the rules are not easy, it’s crucial to make them a part of your personality because good manners are never out of style, right?

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