3 Fitness Trends For Elderly People

It is not easy to find a fitness regime created specifically for older people. But, nowadays we can notice that the number of workout programs for this group of people is constantly increasing. Try the following 3 trending fitness exercises which will help you improve the quality of your life.

As an adult, you are probably looking for functional yet suitable exercise alternatives. If you are worried about losing cognitive skills, getting some injury, losing your vitality, gaining weight and not being able to perform the activities you like, look at this modern guide for people in their midlife.

  1. Choose Movement Patterns That Improve Your Cognitive and Physical Abilities
    Choose music that has polyrhythms, since it is more complex than a straight count. You should also attend workout classes where the instructor presents patterns. The combination of verbal instructions and choreography will increase your dendrites, ganglia, and axons.
  2. Choose Useful Movement Options
    Make sure you choose moves related to activities of daily living (ADL). For example, include dynamic balance moves, not only static ones. This is because balance is normally needed while moving and not holding still. Walking is probably the best physical activity you can practice and it is a typical example of functional move. Do this activity regularly and then test your balance by gradually slowing your stride to super slow. Then speed up to extra fast tempo. Travelling to foreign countries and discovering new cultures is always a great experience. But, sometimes it can have some negative aspects. Remember that you might be climbing stairs, carrying baggage, feeling exhausted, and face climate changes. So, this means that you should be well prepared. What your workout program should be consisted of? You can lift your legs up and over things to be prepared for those low walls abroad. Do twisting and turning while you carry weights (luggage, souvenirs, or small grandchildren).
    If you haven’t included posture work in your routine so far, now is the right moment. This will help you age actively.
  3. Challenge Your Balance
    Include balance moves into your workout. Engage the upper part of your body into doing standing stretches. How can you do that? By narrowing your stance. Put one foot directly in front of the other in the so called a ‘’tandem’’ position. Next, try those triceps kickbacks or upper body stretch.

This program will make your body flexible and able to move while doing activities you enjoy.

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