5 dangers that await us in the bathroom

Anyone with a little creative personality knows that the bathroom is a great place for relaxing, where you can not only wash yourself, but also philosophize, write poems or sing songs. However, before singing and preparing an easel, make sure that all the dangerous, sharp, slippery and dirty things are taken away.

No one thinks about the danger during a rest in a warm shower. Your bathroom can cause physical injury, chemical poisoning and even chronic illness. The potential danger, sometimes even fatal, surrounds us even here – in the bathroom.

According to the report of the US Supreme Security Council, home injuries are the fifth largest cause of deaths in the US. Researchers point to the bathroom, along with the kitchen and stairs, as one of the most dangerous zones in the house. Let’s find out what dangers await us in the bathroom:

#1. Almost 20% of injuries received in the bathroom are associated with a fall on slippery surfaces. To protect yourself, put a special mat with a non-slip backing on the tiled bathroom floor, and in the bathtub itself or the shower tray – an ordinary rubber mat.

#2. Taking shower before going to bed. Yes, you can save time in the morning, especially if you like to lie in bed before going up. However, it is better not to wash yourself right before going to bed, but a couple of hours before going to bed, because, as noted in The American Journal of Biology, the effect of hot water knocks down the natural processes in the body that help you fall asleep.

#3. A clean-white bathroom can look great, but the combination of a light, white surface, and reflective surfaces (such as mirrors and chrome taps) can disorient. A bright light can even be dazzling for someone with less perfect eyesight. Moreover, all this brightness can mask water on the floor, increasing the risk of slipping.

#4. People who try to keep the bathroom warm, use an electric heater in this room. Like any electric appliance (hairdryer, razor) in the bathroom, where there is so much water, the heater is a potential risk of electric current, as well as accidental ignition.

#5. Slippery surface, a faucet with boiling water at hand and tightness – all this makes the bathroom not the most favorable place for sex. The room is good only for foreplay. But the act itself is best done where the risk of falling and getting injured will be much less.

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