5 reasons why men choose not to cheat

With the stories we hear in the media, we might believe that men are all cheaters who put their selfish physical needs before their commitments. This leads to a lot of skepticism and jealousy marring the potential of any relationship.

It’s very stressful to carry that much negative energy around, so you should give your partner the benefit of the doubt. It’s not as if all men are cheaters. Not even close.

Cheating is a choice that stems from unhappiness or weakness. While it’s true that, at some point or another, we might feel attracted to other people, acting on that impulse is still a choice.

We know most of the reasons why people would choose to act on an impulse, but we found the reasons men choose not to cheat more interesting.

#1. He is a morally upright and principled person

This man will never cheat on you. Not because he fears it will make you suffer, but because he finds the act morally wrong. He has such strong principles that no amount of hardship or unhappiness will make him stray. He will choose confronting his problems over acting on the impulse to bail.

#2. He is worried about the effects that his cheating would have on his children

Men nowadays are more caring and gentle towards their children than their fathers used to be. Therefore, if you have children, the chances of your man cheating fall considerably. He will not risk disappointing your kids and showing them his morally reprehensible side.

#3. He will not want to risk ending up alone

Co-dependence and fear of loneliness are very good reasons for people choosing to do anything in their power to keep a relationship going. Yes, that also means fighting temptation. So, if your partner is the codependent type and he knows that any cheating on his part would prompt you to leave him in a second, he will stay faithful.

#4. He doesn’t want to bring another person into an already tumultuous situation

Your partner seems like a caring guy. Even if things are not great between you, he does not want to involve another person in your drama. It would only bring suffering to all parties involved, so he won’t cheat. He will move on, though, if you don’t find a way to fix your problems.

#5. He loves you and he would never do anything to hurt you

In a perfect world, this should be the only reason why your man would choose to be with you and only you. He loves you so much that he would never think of destroying what you have by acting on some meaningless impulse. He feels that no other person could satisfy him like you do, and he will devote his life to making you happy. You should do the same.

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