7 early signs of liver disease

The healthy state of the largest gland of the human body – the liver – is a pledge of a full life and a good mood. The French called this organ a gland of mood. Unfortunately, nowadays 30% of the adult population of the Earth suffer from liver diseases. The most frequent of them are hepatitis, fibrosis and cirrhosis. Why do these and other diseases occur and how can they be detected in time?

The liver belongs to the vital organs of the human body. The liver is responsible for the destruction and neutralization of poisons and toxic substances, cleaning the blood from harmful to health impurities. The liver produces bile, which is involved in the breakdown of fats and intestinal stimulation.

There are deposited some vitamins, minerals necessary for the normal functioning of a person in the tissues of the liver. The liver is also characterized by the absence of nerve endings, as a result of which the first symptom of pathology, such is pain, does not appear in liver diseases.

By the time when the main hepatic syndromes arise, liver tissues are most often already significantly affected and has a pronounced effect on the health. That is why it is important to know which symptoms of liver disease occur first.

According to statistics, more than 200 million people on the planet have this or that liver disease. Liver diseases as a factor of mortality of the population are among the 10 main causes of death, and hepatitis by lethality is comparable to tuberculosis and AIDS.

The most common pathologies develop with viral infections or poisoning with poisonous substances, in the list of which alcohol is the leader. Chronic diseases most often provoke the development of liver cirrhosis and complete degeneration of organ tissues.

Primary symptoms of liver pathologies are similar to catarrhal manifestations: increased fatigue and weakness. A distinctive feature is pain or heaviness in the right hypochondrium, which signals that the organ is enlarged in size. There may be more troubling symptoms: bitterness in the mouth, heartburn, nausea and vomiting. In addition, with liver damage, the nervous system suffers, which can manifest itself in the appearance of irritability in the patient. Let’s look at seven main signs of liver disease:

#1. Your skin or eyes appear yellow. This can be a sign of hepatitis B and C.

#2. Your urine is dark in color. Some medicine can make your urine dark in color. However, if you do not take any, such color can show liver problems.

#3. Your skin is itchy. If you skin becomes extra dry and itchy, you should check your liver.

#4. You bruise easily. If your liver does not function properly, you will get bruises much easier than it should be.

#5. You are tired all the time. If your liver is full of toxins, you will feel constant fatigue.

#6. Your weight is fluctuating. If you do not make any big changes in your life, you do not keep a special diet or exercise a lot, but your weight is constantly changing, this can show liver problems.

#7. You are running hot. If you have high fever without any reasons, you should check your liver.

The liver is an organ that requires careful treatment, especially in the development of dysfunctions. Diseases of the liver, pathologies require compliance with dietary rules as an important supplement to the drug therapy course.

Those who suffer from liver disease, should abandon bad eating habits. They should refuse eating hot and fat foods. Avoid heat and sunburn. Food should be boiled, steamed or stewed. It is not good to eat yesterday’s food. You can not eat onions and garlic, but rather add horseradish and mustard to meals.

Start eating more vegetables, dairy products and low fat meat and fish. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, fatty, fried, spicy dishes, canned food, fresh pastries, strong broths, mushrooms in any form, cocoa-containing foods and drinks. Food and drinks should be consumed in a warm form.

Unfortunately, the prevention of liver disease depends not only on the correct behavior of one person, who, even with all his will, will not always be able to protect himself from harmful things. Hepatic pathology to some extent refers to the social problem.

Among the reasons for its development are those for which it is extremely difficult to affect the usual observance of preventive recommendations. However, all people should strive for this: state government structures, medical institutions, public catering facilities and everyone who takes care of his health.

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