7 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Your Blood Type!

Numerous of people are not familiar with the importance of the blood type. That’s why we will present 7 very interesting facts about the blood type to help you learn more about the blood running through your veins.

1. Knowing Your Blood Type can save your life

It is very important to know your blood type, but you probably already know that. In the case of a car crash, some accident, for example, the doctors will need to do something immediately, and if you do not have your documentation with you, they won’t be able to help you.

If somehow the blood transfusion is carried out with incorrect blood type, the patient can have several complications, and his life can also be endangered.

2. Different Nutritional Needs

An experienced naturopath, Peter J. D’Adamo, says that the nutritional needs differ among the different blood types.

People with blood type 0 should consume vegetables, fish, poultry, meat, and proteins because they are prone to stomach and indigestion problems. People with blood type A have a delicate immune system. They should consume a lot of citrus fruits, spinach, garlic, and broccoli, but they should avoid alcohol, vegetable oils, and Trans fats. People with blood type AB, lack enough stomach acid and they should stimulate its production to enable proper digestion. They should consume apple cider vinegar and Manuka honey.

3. Check Your Blood Type If You Are constantly Angry or Stressed

People with blood type 0 are more prone to angry bursts. People with blood type A have increased amounts of cortisol, meaning that they also have increased stress levels. So, if you feel stressed or angry all the time, you should immediately check your blood type.

4. Blood types and Cancer

Some individuals are more predisposed to developing cancer than others. How can this be true when we are all the same? Researchers consider that it is all in the blood type. They claim that some blood types are in a relation with cancer more than others.

This matter was examined many times, and individuals with blood type O have 20 percent higher risk of developing stomach cancer.

Another similar research revealed that blood type O is also related with a bigger chance of stomach ulcers. Individuals with blood type A have a problem dealing with LDL cholesterol.

5. Blood Type Affects Belly Fat

People with blood type A should avoid certain foods like meat, dairy, and shellfish because their body can react badly to them. These foods can cause acid reflux, bloating, indigestion, and increased risk of diabetes. These people find it almost impossible to lose the stubborn belly fat.

6. Blood Type Influences the Personality

This fact originates from the Asian medicine. Namely, the blood type is associated with the personality and people with the same blood type are often similar in personality and habits.

People with blood type 0 are organized and practical, but they often worry so much. People with AB blood type do not have a lot of worries because they are rational and strong. People with blood type B are friendly, emotional flexible, and outgoing. People with blood type A think about others as they are very compassionate.

7. The Rh Factor in Blood Affects the Fetus

Human blood is also characterized by its Rh factor (Rh positive or Rh negative).

Nearly 85% of all people are Rh positive and about 25% are Rh negative. Usually, when a male and a female are both Rh negative, there are no complications, but if a male with Rh positive factor and the woman is Rh negative, there are potential risks for their future baby, which in some rare cases, can be even fatal.

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