7 Sprint Workouts for Weight Loss

7 Sprint Workouts for Weight Loss

Looking for a faster way to chew down calories and build some muscle tissue at the same time? Going to the gym would be the number one on the to do list, but what about when life gets in the way and you simply don’t have enough time?

The easiest way to do the minimum effort and get maximum results is sprint training. It is easy to do anywhere since you don’t need any special equipment. It builds muscle due to the anabolic hormones, and muscle burns through calories. It works with all the muscles in the body especially the lower body ones, and it is a great cardio workout which makes it a perfect combo for weight loss.

You can either do it outside on the track or at home on the treadmill, and keep in mind that sprint training is tough so the is no need of overdoing it. You just need focused attention and pure personal effort and your body will thank you for it!

Quick HIIT Sprint

Whenever you want to burn more calories for a minimal amount of time you best choose this workout. It will help your dynamic movement and make you sweat in no time. After the usual warm up, sprint for 20 seconds and then do light jogging for 10 seconds and repeat the cycle 8 times. This will make your muscles fire up quickly and recover easily so they are ready for the next round!

Sprint Ladder

With this type of sprint you start at the lowest point which is 10 seconds. You sprint 10 seconds and jog 10 seconds, and then work your way up to 60 second sprint but be careful to make the length of sprinting and jogging equal.
It will challenge you aerobic capacity because of the different levels and time intervals of sprinting.

Basic Sprint Intervals

It can’t get any simpler than this. It is your basic good old sprint workout with which you cannot go wrong. It includes a 30 second sprint combined with 90 seconds light jogging which you can later change to you needs. Repeat this eight times or as much as you can.

3×120 Second Sprint Workout

Our bodies are smart, and they get used to a specific kind of exercise fast. The way to keep your body on the toes is to mix it up. Either change the exercise or change the interval lengths.
Just complete three 120 second sprints. It’s as simple as that. It emphasizes longer sprint intervals for more fat loss and better anaerobic capacity.

100 Meter x 10 Sprint Training

This is mostly a strength exercise and it gives you amazing anaerobic power by completing ten 100 meter sprints with 30 seconds of rest between them.

Hill Sprints

For this workout you can either set your treadmill on an incline level of your own choosing or find a hill if possible. Both ways will do the trick. You start by a 45 second sprint and then continue with 1 minute rest or light jogging. Later on you alternate with a 30 second sprint followed by 1 minute rest. Try and keep this up for 10 intervals.

Sprint and Pushup Complex

Sprints work more with the lower body muscles, but when combined with pushups you put your upper body in the mix and you get a full body workout!

The trick is to complete 5-6 intervals of a 20 second sprint instantly followed by 10 pushups. You will definitely feel the burnby the last interval.

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