8 Symptoms Of Low Potassium

Potassium is a necessary mineral for the heart, kidneys, and nervous system to work normally. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the signs of potassium deficiency. Low potassium is associated with a risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, digestive disorders, and fertility issues.

1. Heart palpitations

Low potassium can be one of the factors for chest pressure and shortness of breath. Heart palpitations can vary from very slight to strong pulse throughout the chest. So, don’t disregard this problem and follow a healthy diet.

2. Fatigue

Fatigue is almost always associated with low potassium. Potassium is essential for proper function of your whole body, especially your musculature, and the lack of it makes you feel drained and weak for no particular reason.

3. Dizziness

Low potassium levels can affect the normal functioning of your heart, which makes you feel faint. Also some other factors can cause this condition, but if you ever experience this frequently, consult your doctor without delay.

4. High Blood Pressure

Potassium relaxes blood vessels and when your body lacks it, blood vessels can become constricted, causing high blood pressure. If you can’t control your blood pressure, check your potassium levels.

5. Muscle Weakness

As it was mentioned previously, potassium is essential for your muscle strength, and that is the reason why you may experience spasms and aches, when you don’t have enough potassium.

6. Numbness and Tingling

Potassium is important for your nerve functions, so you may feel annoying pins and needles sensation if you have potassium deficiency.

7. Tingling Sensation

In case you are experiencing a tingling sensation in your arms and legs, followed by another sign of this list, check whether you intake enough amount of potassium.

This could be also a sign of potassium overdose, so take the recommended dose of potassium. The ideal dose would be 400 mg per day.

8. Constipation

Low potassium levels affects the digestive system, so it can lead to abdominal pain and bloating.

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