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9 signs a man is ready to settle down

Every woman dreams about perfect marriage and family. We all want to find a special man, fall in love with him and live happily ever after. We want to buy a cozy house and raise there our children. However, men are usually not fond of a family life the same way as we are.

Men usually do not want to build a family for a rather long time. They like their freedom and do not like any duties and responsibilities. However, when they meet a special woman, they start thinking about common house and little kids.

The main point here is to understand, that you man is ready to a new step in your relationship. Today, we have prepared something special for you. Here is a list of signs that your man is ready to settle down with you.

#1 He puts you first

If he puts you first, it means that you have become a really important person for him. It means that he wants to be with you for a long time. He can change his plans for you or even buy your favorite foods that he hates. Whatever it is, it means that you are on a first place for him, and he really loves you.

#2 He makes big decisions with you

If your opinion is important for him in various questions ranging from buying a cat to choosing a car, then you are a really significant person for him. It means, that he is ready to settle down with you.

#3 He wants your families meet with each other

This is probably one of the most exciting and hard moments which loving people should manage. If he is ready to make this step, then you can be sure, that he really loves you and wants you to be present in his life as long as possible.

#4 He seems content with the direction you’re moving together

If you want to stop occasional dating and make new steps in relationship with him (like making your relations deeper, living together, and stuff like that), and he is ready to make all these steps with you, it is a great sign that he wants to settle down with you.

#5 He thinks about your common future

If he thinks about your future house, about a dog you two would like to have, or even about the names of your future children, it definitely means, that he loves you and wants to settle down with you.

#6 You are a big priority to him

Let’s face it, most of people are selfish and are used to think only about themselves. However, if he thinks about you and your happiness while taking any decision, if he thinks about your common wellbeing, it means that he is ready to build a family.

#7 You talk about money stuff together

Well, we should admit that money is an important part of our lives. It’s everywhere. However, when the partners can easily discuss their finances, it is definitely a new stage in your relationship. It means that he completely trusts you.

#8 He’d rather stay in and hang out with you

Guys are usually fond of various parties and like to hang out with their friends most of all. However, if he likes to stay a home and spend some time with you watching movies, it means that you are the closest person for him and he loves you with all his heart.

#9 He can be himself around you

It’s rather hard to meet someone who will become really close to us. But when we finally get such a person, we feel really comfortable with them. We feel, that we can be our true, authentic self around our loved ones. So, if he is real with you, then you can be sure, that he is ready to settle down with you.

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