Amazing! Filipino Doctor Found a Cure for Diabetes in Just 5 Minutes

Nowadays, diabetes has been turned into a very common disease. If its treatment is not done in the right way it can become a very serious health problem with life-threatening consequences.

The worst part is that you may have to face this issue for the rest of your life. If this disease takes its advance, it can cause some serious health issues like nerve and kidney damage, blindness and amputation. The International Diabetes Federation informs that currently, Philippines is one of the leading countries with highest prevalence of diabetes.

A various number of researches have been done with the purpose to find the cure for diabetes, but besides the insulin discovery, there hasn’t been anything new yet. However, the 82- year old metabolic medicine physician from the Philippines, Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco, claims that he has found the cure for this disease.

The best thing is that you will not need more than 5 minutes. He gives a further explanation that the main cause for diabetes is not sugar, as it is believed, but the deficiency of 6 essential minerals in our body.

He also makes clear this statement by saying that if you have enough of these minerals, you are allowed to consume as much desserts as you want.

In order to fight this disease, Dr. Dy-Liacco presents this incredible recipe. As a result of his discoveries came this recipe that provides the body with the essential minerals mentioned above.

You will need only three ingredients:

  • 2 raw eggs,
  • 12 pieces of Chili pepper (siling labuyo)
  • and a half teaspoon of sea salt.

Now follow the instructions:

First, cut and grind the chili peppers. Next combine them with the eggs. Finally add the salt and your natural medicine is ready This preparation requires only 5 minutes. Try it and you will see that the positive effect is inevitable.

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