Attention: This Common Chemical Causes More Cancer and Death that Any Other Chemical

Fluoride is one of the main ingredients in many commercial products. They include dental products, tea drinks, processed foods and beverages, Teflon pans, and even drinking water. But, it is not a natural substance but rather a highly harmful chemical.

It’s a byproduct of aluminum and an industrial waste product. According to the Merck Index, its main use is being an ingredient in rat and cockroach poison, and it is extremely carcinogen.

In the 1950s, The Food and Drug Administration was convinced that fluoride protects teeth. So, they approved its usage in many commercial dental products.

Attention: This Common Chemical Causes More Cancer and Death that Any Other Chemical

OEHHA Report (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment)

OEHHA recently released a document that reveals the dangers of consuming fluoride. This document is titled “Evidence on the Carcinogenicity of Fluoride and Its Salts”.
According to this document, there’s plenty of evidence showing that when you consume fluoride, it gets accumulated inside your bones. This chemical stimulates the division of osteoblasts (bone-forming cells).

This can cause bone cancer. Additionally, the OEHHA document reveals that this dangerous chemical induces genetic changes resulting in malignant transformation.

All this increases the risk of a rare type of bone cancer (osteosarcomas).

Studies Connect Fluoride Exposure to Thyroid Cancer and Other Types of Cancer

Dr. Dean Burk from the U.S. National Cancer Institute led several studies in 1977, examining the link between fluoride exposure and cancer. His studies showed that consuming fluoride increases the growth of follicular thyroid cancer cells in rats.

Moreover, Dr. Lita Lee made a rat experiment to find out more about fluoride effects on animals’ health. She gave them to drink fluoridated water and published these results in her study named “Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste.”

Animals included in the study had a drastic increase in the rates of thyroid follicular cell tumors and osteosarcoma.

So, you should know that fluoride is a chemical which can cause serious health consequences on a long term basis.

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