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  • 5 steps that can help you restore hormonal balance for weight loss

    Have you ever been in a such situation, when you adhere to a weight-loss diet, exercise a lot and do everything to lose extra pounds, but in vain? If yes, probably you have a hormone imbalance that do not allow you to lose weight, and your pounds stay motionless. It is very important to maintain […] More

  • 10 ways to prevent and treat ingrown hair like a pro

    Ingrown hair can be a painful and unpleasant problem, which often appears in people with curly hair. If you leave this question without attention, you may face inflammation. In addition, people can prevent the appearance of ingrown hair at home, although there are times when it is better to visit a doctor. What is ingrown […] More

  • How to lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks

    If you really want to lose 20 pounds and totally change your appearance, besides your good will, you will also need lemon. This powerful and extremely quick diet burns the excess fat and pounds, while it purifies the blood and strengthens the organism. You do not have to eat lemons during the lemon diet. According […] More

  • The exercise that every woman should practice, according to doctors

    Do you know that it is possible to maintain woman’s healthy in a good state just by performing one simple exercise? Despite most women usually ignore this exercise, it is very easy to perform and it may have really mind-blowing effect on your health! The exercise we are talking about is called “Butterfly”. It may […] More

  • 7 natural ways to relieve stress and leave anxiety at the door

    Being stressed these days is not something you are going to be surprised with. The thing is that will all the hectic ways we live with the number of responsibilities we undertake each day being stressed is inevitable. However, it is also necessary to relieve of all that stress from time to time since it […] More

  • 10+ things that happen to the body after the fat is gone

    After months and months of following a healthy diet, hitting the gym, and running in the morning, you’ve finally managed to lose that stubborn, excess fat. Congratulations! Now you can feel more confident about your body and wear clothes that actually fits you. Slimming down doesn’t come easy (eating chips in front of TV just […] More

  • A drink before bed to melt fat away during sleep

    Many women dream about a magic potion that would help them simply melt the excess fat away. However, very often we are told that such a potion does not exist, at least for now. To tell you the truth there is something close enough to that potion, but art from drinking it you will most […] More

  • 12 foods that burn fat by boosting the metabolism

    It is not a secret that people who have a fast metabolism don’t have extra weight. After all, the faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to burn extra fat. But a fast metabolism isn’t an advantage reserved for a select few lucky enough to be born with it. […] More

  • 4 ways mustard can heal the body

    This seasoning is known to mankind for thousands of years. Many people use mustard grain not just for making hot sauces, or a tasty and healthy oil, but as a bright and metaphorical symbol that expresses tremendous power. In addition, mustard is a well-known medicinal remedy used both in folk and official medicine, which has […] More

  • 6 proven ways to remove tummy fat

    The folds on the abdomen not only look bad, but can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. To find out if you have problems with excess fat on your abdominal area, measure with a centimeter belt around the waist. If you are a […] More

  • What and how to eat to keep the kidneys healthy

    Your kidneys work hard to clean your blood, get rid of waste products, keep balance in electrolytes and fluid amounts. They also produce special hormone called erythropoietin in order to stimulate generation of new red blood cells, when your body needs them. Unfortunately our unhealthy lifestyle together with genetic factors may affect these vital organs, […] More

  • 8 symptoms that the body is not getting enough water

    You probably know that our bodies are 75% made of water. Fluid circulates in the vessels, fills various cells and stays between the cells. It is involved in numerous processes, which help us stay healthy and active. We lose water throughout the day, vaporizing it when breathe, cry and sweat. Our body eliminates water through […] More