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  • Unbalanced or extreme workouts can lead to thyroid disfunction

    Perhaps it is difficult to find a person today who does not know that the thyroid gland is responsible for metabolic processes in the body, and therefore a violation of its functioning inevitably leads to a number of diseases. It starts with the usual malaise, apathy, frequent headaches, and then the disease takes the form […] More

  • Germs in the lungs or airways: how deadly is aspiration pneumonia?

    Pneumonia is rather serious condition, which occurs when germs enter the lungs and become infected. In some cases, food, saliva, vomit or stomach acid may travel into the respiratory organs, instead of being swallowed. Normally, cough and gag reflex help prevent aspiration of all these stuff. But in those, who have problems with defensive mechanisms, […] More

  • 14 ways to use onions in treating and preventing health issues

    Onion is the most underrated food ingredient present in your kitchen. You can use it in various dishes or eat it in a salad, but the medicinal benefits of onions remain unexplored. Everyone knows that the onion is useful. In general, we perceive it as a kind of anti-catarrhal property, while in reality it is […] More

  • 5 ways to lose face fat by making healthy choices

    When it comes to your body size, it is possible to pick the right clothing style and still look great. But if you can’t hide extra fat on your face. Unfortunately, many people have this problem and they all want to slim down their faces. So if you’re tired of having chubby cheeks and double […] More

  • 5 ways to deflate a bloated belly for good

    Bloating is the accumulation of gases in the intestines due to digestive disorders. This process is most often accompanied by swelling, an increase in volume of the abdomen and an unpleasant puffy feeling from the inside. Undoubtedly, we have all experienced this to some extent, and we perfectly know what discomfort this disease can bring. […] More

  • Is he ready for marriage? To find out, ask him about his career

    When is a man ready to settle down? It is hard to find the simple answer. You are dating with a man for several months, spend free time together, spend nights with him, but for some reason you don’t feel like his girlfriend. He doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends and doesn’t plan […] More

  • Blueberries may help kill cancer cells by “tricking” them

    Show us a person who does not like blueberries. Probably, he does not exist! Blueberries are not only delicious food, but also a healthy “superfood”, because they are full of antioxidants that offer various health benefits. What’s more, a recent study showed that blueberries help to treat cancer. What?! By studying human cervical cancer cell […] More

  • 7 health reasons to drink coconut water

    What is coconut water? Is it useful? What are its benefits to human health? Coconut water is gaining popularity among many people who are already better acquainted with this product. It is filled with concentrations of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, and you can buy it just about anywhere. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine believes that this tropical […] More

  • Using the benefits of lemon in the bedroom

    Lemon is a citrus fruit that has a wide range of benefits. It is rich in valuable nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamins A and B, copper, manganese, calcium, potassium, magnesium and potent antioxidants. Lemon is very useful for the human body, even its skin and flesh can also bring you its benefits. What’s more, […] More