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  • Your Body is Acidic. Here is what you Need to Do

    The findings of the Noble prize winner, Dr. Otto H Warburg, revealed that cancer is actually caused by oxygen deficiency to acidity in the body. Therefore, he found that cancer cells are anaerobic, (do not breathe oxygen), so they cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, in the presence of high levels of oxygen. On the […] More

  • Horoscope of aging: find out which wrinkles every Zodiac sign is susceptible to getting

    Every person grows old in his own way. Genetics, heredity, lifestyle, psychological state – all this equally affects the speed of the flow of the wilting process. However, zodiacal affiliation also leaves its mark – on someone more, on someone less. Having different characters and personalities, Zodiac signs grow old differently. Some Zodiac signs easily […] More

  • 23 little signs that someone actually loves you

    We all fall in love sooner or later and this is one of the most exciting feelings we could ever experience. Although it may be very scary, since no one wants to have their heart broken. Sometimes people are so blinded with love that they stop thinking objectively and romanticize everything. That’s why we want […] More

  • Are you in menopause? Check these 5 hormones to prevent weight gain

    Menopause is a natural but extremely stressful process, which occurs in woman’s body at the middle age. You probably know that menopause is a consequence of hormonal decline that starts at the age of 30-40 and progresses in the course of five to ten years. While we associate menopause with drop of estrogen and progesterone, […] More

  • Top-10 foods that can help clean arteries

    Your arteries are the blood vessels that are responsible for the transporting your oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body. A normal artery is strong, flexible and elastic but when our arteries begin to get clogged this transportation is restricted and a serious condition called atherosclerosis can develop. This can lead […] More

  • Top 10 things that can make woman look older

    t is true that every woman tries to look younger no matter how old she is but the time passes and the years take what is owed. However, there are also some things that you can do to yourself to make yourself look older. Mostly it concerns your wardrobe. It is not only important to […] More

  • 8 things that stopping women from weight loss

    It’s not a secret that obesity is still a major issue among people. It can cause lots of other health problems, such as stomach disorders, cancer, diabetes, renal failures and even heart attack. These horrifying effects made us realize that constant gobbling of food is not the best choice, and if a person wants to […] More

  • 9 leg & foot problems that can indicate serious illnesses

    A hard working day, an unhealthy diet or weather changes – all this can lead to changes in the legs. However, there are situations where problems with the limbs speak of serious diseases. It turns out that the pain in the legs is not just about fatigue or the ailments the legs. Foot problems can […] More

  • 12 common bedtime habits better to avoid

    If your health is important to you, it’s essential to have a proper sleep. While you are having a rest at night, your body continues to work, maintaining and optimizing your physical health, releasing hormones and supporting your whole immune system. The brain processes information and prepares you for another day. However, insufficient sleep can […] More

  • 8 eating habits, which make Japan the slimmest nation in the world

    It is said that Japanese people are the nation that lives the longest while they are also in the first place when it comes to slim people. The chances of obesity are almost non-existent in Japan. Why is that? It all comes from their attitude towards the food. They have even the special system of […] More

  • 8 home remedies to increase the growth of hair

    Hair growth is a very stable process. The hair of each of us grows by about 1.2 cm per month. Some people are luckier – their hair can grow 15 cm a year. However, some people have a problem – their hair grows very weakly and slowly, not even reaching half the standard. credit: freepik […] More