What Bacon Does to Your Body After an Hour?

Probably you have already heard what happens to your body when you enjoy a can of soda. You have also seen the infographic that demonstrations how instant noodles can harm your body hours after you eat them. But what do you know about bacon? Bacon is top pork product in many places around the world including the USA.

The company J&D’s Foods, known as Bacon Salt, presented an infographic to the public that demonstrates what precisely happens to the body after consuming bacon.

  • First 10 Minutes: when you prepare to cook bacon for you family, the aroma of bacon touches your nostrils. As a result, you immediately feel hungry, which makes you prepared to fight for food.
  • 20 Minutes Later: After preparing, you consume the bacon and the smoky, salty, and extremely tasty flavors knock you over because it is really delicious.
  • 20 More Minutes Later: 40 minutes after you consume bacon, the infographic shows that you ate three strips, but you only remember consuming two.
  • Five Minutes More: 45 minutes later, you have already eaten 3 1/2 strips, meaning that bacon does not let you control yourself – mostly your appetite.

One Hour: 60 minutes later, the breakfast for your family is ready. One the table are six strips, but there are only five members in your family. So you will eat an extra strip because you cooked the breakfast.

Seriously, Though…

As you notice this infographic is a parody of the rest infographics that give information about the dangers of drinks and foods you often consume. Anyway, you still don’t know if the bacon is good or bad for your health.

You will happy to learn that bacon is not so bad for your health. Bacon contains some good ingredients in it:

– Oleic Acid: Oleic Acid is a type of monounsaturated fat. This oil is an ingredient of olive oil. Oleic Acid is good for your heart.

– Nutritious: Bacon contains nutrients, including vitamins B, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, and protein.

But be careful. Bacon is not so harmful, but it is not so harmless if you consume too much of it. Bacon is fatty and you already know that the fats are not good for us, because they can increase the levels of cholesterol and body fat. Moreover, burned meat can cause cancer.

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