Big pharma doesn’t want you to know about this cheap and natural remedy against one of the deadliest diseases!

A great number of pharmacological and medical frauds were exposed to the public in the last few years.

The British Medical Journal has recently published a study which outlined possibly the worst health deceptions in the last few decades. You guessed it, it’s chemotherapy.

When we think about that, we find it truly disgusting that there are people that work without a speck of humanity in the pharmacy and medicine industry. The most disturbing fact is that these are the two main branches that are supposed to help people with their medical problems and to actually make them healthy again. Instead, they are trying to weaken the bodies of the patients with the help of drugs.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones is a senior professor at the University of California, and he has conducted a detailed research on the life expectancy of the patients for nearly 26 years. His findings suggest that chemotherapy does not bring any good to the people that are using it. It also explains that the people that had previously received chemo, died with health complications and more often than not, in terrible pain.

So he concluded that chemotherapy actually kills the patients faster. It is suggested that this is done knowingly, because the worth of the cancer industry is several billion dollars. They just want to take money, and they do not even bother finding the cure for cancer.

People should be aware that cancer is very much treatable and curable, with the help of natural and fairly inexpensive treatments and remedies.

These remedies have no side effects and the public is not aware of that, because the big media companies are covering the story of the so called “death industry” and chemo, and they are not paying any attention to the remedies that are known to kill cancer in just a few days.

Researchers from the University of Kentucky conducted a study which covered the health benefits of grape seed extract. The thing that they found was amazing. Grape seed extract can trigger the death of as much as 76% of cancer and leukemia cells within the first 24 hours! And they proved that in laboratory conditions.

This extract contains JNK protein that effectively destroys cancerous cells, without damaging the healthy ones. In cases of advanced cancer, chemotherapy is much less effective, while the grape seed extract is more effective and acts in a much faster and aggressive manner.

Molly Derry, a doctoral candidate from the University of Colorado confirmed this and she stated that this extract can control the growth of the cancerous cells and will destroy 50% of those cells in stage four cancer patients. While the chemo targets a specific and single mutation, the unhealthy cells can in time, develop a resistance to this treatment. The grape seed extract however, contains bioactive compounds that can target multiple mutations at once.

She also says that this study is showing us the effectiveness of this extract, because it can kill the cancerous cells that have previously survived chemotherapy immediately, in the first 24 hours of treatment!

The cancer industry is spreading fear of death so that they could gain more money and power, but the science is telling us other thing. It tells us that there are natural remedies that can render cancer not as dangerous as it seems, and put it in a bracket with other, not so dangerous diseases. Cancer can be dangerous only if the doctors are treating it with ineffective drugs and treatments like chemotherapy.

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