This is what your birthstone says about your personality

Ancient legends say that gemstones and months are closely connected. In the Bible, we can see that the high-priest Aaron wore a breastplate with twelve stones, each related to a different personality. This idea has remained popular from ancient times to today and its accuracy will astonish you. So, look for your birth month and gemstone and find out about what kind of personality do you have.

January: Garnet

This precious stone is described as the ‘guiding light.’ It was worn by explorers to defend themselves from danger. Those people who were born in January, are ambitious and determined leaders. They are well aware of their self-worth and they always have an objective. The relationships with other people is very important to them and they are always in the center of attention. Your birthstone says you should not overthink things. Also, use your stubbornness to fulfill your aspirations.

February: Amethyst

The legend says that every person who wears this stone has a protection from darkness and seduction. Typical characteristics of the amethyst are purity and calmness. If February is your birth month, it means that you are artistic, spiritual, and a serene person. But, these traits don’t mean that you are a shy person. With your noble attitude and high intelligence, you easily earn respect from people around you. You are also a good listener and a very likable person.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a Latin word, which means ‘seawater.’ Sailors believed that this gemstone can protect them from a storm. It was considered to be their lucky charm. If you were born in March, it means that you are a person who looks for a balance in life, and physical and mental stability. You were born to be a diplomat and you use your negotiating abilities to communicate with people. People have confidence in you, because you show authority and intelligence. You always fight for justice. You are also a very charismatic person, so you can often be an inspiration for others. People like you should travel more often.

April: Diamond

This gemstone is one of the hardest structures on Earth. Diamond symbolizes your month, because your characteristics are similar to this precious stone. You are a hard-headed and a very strong person. But, you should be also aware of that strength and be careful with the decisions you make. Diamond is used for marriage ceremonies, because it signifies eternal love, happiness, and forgiveness. Stubbornness is your strongest weapon, so use it to achieve your ambition. Make sure you stay loyal and dedicated to your obligations.

May: Emerald

If we go back to the Roman history, we will see that the Roman Emperor Nero used the emerald as a corrective lens in order to view the gladiator fights. For that reason, this stone became a symbol for improved eyesight. Your goals are your priority and you have a strong motivation to accomplish them. You are an excellent peacemaker and you have the ability of reconciling a family quarrels. You are also known for your matchmaking skills.

June: Pearl

Pearl is different from the other stones, because it is made of organic matter. Nature is your shelter and you are an exceptionally sympathetic person. Your friends love you, because they can always rely on you. They appreciate your patience and your most valuable trait – modesty. You also want to be surrounded by your friends and they enjoy your positive attitude. Some people see you as an untouchable person, but since you are a caring and thoughtful person, you eventually win them over.

July: Ruby

People who were born in July want action. They are very brave an motivated individuals. You can sometimes be a very dramatic person and over-passionate. Your emotions are very deep, which sometimes lead to bad mood. But, that doesn’t mean that you are a weak or fearful person. Sometimes you need time to make friends, but that means that you are choosing them carefully. Those who are close to you, can always count on you.

August: Peridot

Peridot is a very bright stone and it is often associated with the Sun. In that direction, you shine with your confidence. Traditional people believed that this stone can protect them from evil ad depression. People find comfort in you and after unhappy period, you are the one who brings back their smile. You are a well-expressed person and you are able to make friends almost everywhere.

September: Sapphire

You are a very honest person and you hate fake things. This applies to your relationships as well. You need some time before you start having confidence in someone. You are a very wise and reasonable character, with the ability to lead. You are a perfectionist and you have a very good memory. Sapphire is also related with beauty.

October: Opal

Their rainbow hues make this stone unique. You are also like the rainbow. You are lively, full of life, and you never miss the opportunity to meet new people. You are very creative and spontaneous. People around you enjoy your company, because you are fun and always ready to do something interesting. You are sometimes emotional, but you also overcome things easily. You have a very positive energy and an outgoing personality, so people are often easily attracted to you.

November: Topaz

You are a very lucky person. You are so fortunate, that you don’t even need a talisman to protect you. Fortune is always on your side. Your friends and family trust you and they know that have your support unconditionally. You are a very patient and thoughtful person, and you share your joy with the others. Your perception of things is unique. You fascinate people with your strong determination. The motto of your life that you follow by is ’When there is a will, there is a way.’

December: Turquoise

This stone can be found in few places on Earth. You are a special person, who stands out from the majority of people. Your wisdom is exceptional and other people value your opinion. Therefore, they often seek your advice. You are able to do anything for those who love you. You are a very graceful and caring person. You love it when people praise you. Your courage will lead you to your succ

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