Call the Police Immediately if You Notice Someone with a Black Dot on the Palm

Not long ago, this Black Dot Campaign has started on the social network, Facebook, with the intention to help victims of domestic violence. You will probably wonder, how is this related to the police and the black dot on the palm? Well, a person who has a black dot on her/his palm is asking for help, because s/he is facing danger.

As we are all aware of the fact that unfortunately, most victims don’t have the opportunity to seek help, so this black dot will help them to be easily recognized when they need immediate help. As you all supposed, this action was took, because the person maltreating them is watching every move they do.

Seemingly, the campaign succeeded to gather over 6000 people in the world in one day, and managed to help 6 women.
The organizers of this campaign are convinced that they did the right thing and this action is definitely step further in fighting against domestic violence.

One victim shared her terrifying experience publicly. She said that her husband was abusing her, both verbally and physically. When she got pregnant, she was scared even more. But, she couldn’t do anything, because her husband followed every step she took. But one day, he took her to the hospital for some examinations to be done, and she found a chance to ask for help when she was separated from him with a curtain. She took the pen out of the doctor’s pocket, and wrote HELP ME on his hand. She is immensely grateful to the Black Dot Campaign for giving her the necessary courage, strength, and the idea of asking help that she desperately needed. She also expressed gratitude to the doctor. She feels safe now, experiencing great relief. She is also very happy that she is having her baby soon.

Please, let this message to be spread worldwide, to help victims of domestic violence as many as possible!

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