Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days: This Famous Austrian’s Juice Cured Over 45k People From Cancer & Other Incurable Diseases! (Recipe)

The secret of this cancer curing treatment called Breuss Cancer Cure, lies in the rigid 42- day fast combined with special vegetable juices and teas. According to Breuss, cancer requires solid type of food to survive in the body. However his claims of efficacy are not proven scientifically.

It is possible that the recommended fast could be harmful for cancer patients because there is a potential risk of general malnutrition. Breuss bans conventional cancer treatment while patients go through his treatment, there is a chance that patients will discontinue conventional treatment.

One thing is for sure, Breuss’s theory lacks scientific evidence and he was not supported by the medical experts. But his words might convince us in the opposite.

Rudolph Breuss was born in Austria in 1899. He started to work as an electrician, and later as a naturopath. He created the Breuss Cancer Cure or Breuss Total Cancer Treatment. Breuss died in 1990. He made a unique juice, providing outstanding results when it comes to treating this vicious disease. He has cured more than 45,000 people who fought with cancer and other incurable illnesses.

He made a unique eating regime which includes drinking tea and his special vegetable juice. Beetroot is the main ingredient in this method for fighting cancer and it is completed in 42 days. During these 42 days, the cancer cells starve and die and your whole health state is improved.

Here are the ingredients for this amazing drink:

– Beetroot (55%)
– Carrots (20%)
– Celery root (20%)
– Potatoes (3%)
– Radishes (2%)

All these veggies need to be organic. The preparation is very simple. Put all these ingredients in a blender and make sure you blend them well.

Also, make sure not to drink excessive amounts of it. The recommended dose was no more than 500 ml per day.

Beetroot is abundant in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is particularly rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, zinc. With all these healthy qualities, beetroot is considered to be one of the most useful veggies.

So far, many studies have shown that beetroot is unbelievably beneficial in treating leukemia and cancer.

Beets are full of betaine, which is an amino acid with powerful anti-cancer properties. Research studies have proven that betaine destroys cancer cells in the growth tissue.
It’s especially beneficial for pregnant women, because it contains high levels of folic acid. It improves the function of the liver and gallbladder and it prevents constipation. It is of great help when it comes to reducing headaches, toothaches, dysentery, bone issues, skin related problems and menstrual discomforts.

Breuss rigidly emphasized that cancer patients are not allowed to drink or eat anything other than the juices and teas that he recommended for that period of 42 days. As far as the teas are concerned, he suggests the following types of teas of any type of cancer:

‘’Sage tea’’ includes Salvia officinalis (sage), Hypericum perforatum (St.John’s Wort), Mentha piperita (peppermint) and Melissa officinaliss (balm) in a specific ratio. The tea could be taken as desired.

‘’Kidney tea’’ includes horsetail Equisetum arvense (balm), Urtica dioica (stinging nettle), Polygonum aviculare (knotgrass) and Hypericum perforatum (St.John’s Wort), at a special ratio. It should be taken only for the first three weeks.

‘’Cranesbill tea’’ includes Geranium robertianum (red cranesbill) and only one half cup of cold tea should e taken per day. For special types of cancer, there are other recommended teas. The use of sugar was not permitted.

Patients diagnosed with leukemia, would have to drink the recommended teas and juices, but could eat anything else, except for meat soup, beef, pork, chemical food additives, burnt food and fats.

Breuss further explained that patients should not start the Breuss Cancer Cure immediately after surgery. Instead, they should wait for at least two to five months. He recommended fresh air and exercise, and quitting cigarettes is essential. Plus, the patient should not be lying above so called ‘water veins’’ (sources of ground radiation) and he should also avoid moth powder, insecticides, aerosol cans or air fresheners in the house. Breuss said that patients who had finished the Breuss Cancer Cure process, should never again eat reheated food, but gradually they could start eating salt-reduced, light food. They should also drink approximately 60 ml of the vegetable juice every day for another two to four weeks.

Breuss asserted that since 1950 he has successfully treated more than 2000 patients with the help of his method. Another 40 000 patients with cancer and other incurable diseases had been successfully healed since 1986. To prove this statistics, he showed testimonials and letters of thanks written in the period from 1971 to 1985. He also said that medicine should have supported him, instead of attacking him, because he was convinced that his method one million people could be cured.

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