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  • 10 ways to prevent and treat ingrown hair like a pro

    Ingrown hair can be a painful and unpleasant problem, which often appears in people with curly hair. If you leave this question without attention, you may face inflammation. In addition, people can prevent the appearance of ingrown hair at home, although there are times when it is better to visit a doctor. What is ingrown […] More

  • 10 fun ways to use tea bags and tea leaves for skin and hair care

    The world we live in is amazing with all its share of possibilities and miracles. However, very often, especially these days we tend to forget that apart from all the complex solutions to lots of problems there are some easy ones that our ancestors used before. For example your skin and hair care – how […] More

  • 10 common foods that work as natural skincare products

    Today, there are a lot of trends in beauty industry, but the main thing is always the same – healthy radiant skin, which is really available to everyone without exception. Cosmetic companies offer a large selection of all kinds of creams, serums, lotions, masks and tonics. However, it is very easy to get lost and […] More

  • 9 ways to keep hair beautiful and healthy all year round

    A beautiful face and a slender figure are not all the components of female attractiveness. Hair has always been an important part of the appearance of a real woman: if you conduct an occasional survey among men, the vast majority of them will say that beautiful and healthy hair plays a very important role. Various […] More

  • 5 ways to lose face fat by making healthy choices

    When it comes to your body size, it is possible to pick the right clothing style and still look great. But if you can’t hide extra fat on your face. Unfortunately, many people have this problem and they all want to slim down their faces. So if you’re tired of having chubby cheeks and double […] More

  • 8 home remedies to increase the growth of hair

    Hair growth is a very stable process. The hair of each of us grows by about 1.2 cm per month. Some people are luckier – their hair can grow 15 cm a year. However, some people have a problem – their hair grows very weakly and slowly, not even reaching half the standard. credit: freepik […] More

  • Zogan face massage – 10-minute procedure for a young-looking face

    Zogan face massage is a set of easy face exercises that will help your face to become young again. The main difference between this massage and all the others is that it requires a stronger physical effect and is a little deviated from regular face massage routes. What is more this type of massage triggers […] More

  • 30 going on 20 – easy ways to look younger

    All women, regardless of age and position in society, are interested in the question of how to look younger than their age. You can stop the time, and even reverse it. Your hair, hands and skin can look younger, and for this you do not need to resort to plastic surgeons, visit elite beauty salons […] More

  • 7 ways to get rid of the embarrassment of stinky feet

    Smelly feet can become a problem that causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. Legs are an organ that experiences considerable stress during the day. Being in motion, not only internal organs are activated, but all systems of the body. So, a system of sweating, which has a huge number of glands, comes into play. […] More

  • 8 hygiene-related mistakes people make every day

    Every woman carefully watches her hygiene routine every day. We take a bath or a shower, use various cosmetic products to improve the skin of the face and body, and also we follow some procedures to keep our nails healthy and beautiful. However, there are unobvious mistakes of personal hygiene that are easy to fulfill. […] More

  • 13 effective tips to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes

    Whether you are in your thirties or in your fifties, probably the last thing you want to have puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes. Although they don’t dangerous for your health, they just make you look older. There are many causes of these problems such as, heredity factors, an unhealthy diet, the lack of […] More

  • Top 5 face detox tips to maintain healthy, radiant skin

    Many of you may have already heard or maybe even tried body detox remedies and know how useful and effective they are. But apart from your body, there is something else that needs some detox – your skin, especially your face. The thing is that the environment we live in is far from being a […] More