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  • Get rid of pink eye with chamomile & honey

    Such medicinal plants, like chamomile and calendula, are widely used in cosmetology and eye therapy. They are considered a universal treatment for eliminating many problems. To do this, herbalists recommend to know how to use chamomile and calendula at home. The mad rhythm of our life, a short and unproductive sleep, painstaking work, computers without […] More

  • How to eat your way to younger-looking skin

    They say that “you are what you eat” and this does not just got for foods that make you gain weight. What you put into your body reveals itself in many different ways and one of the most noticeable ones is in your skin. There are a lot of healthy foods that can not only […] More

  • How baking soda can make look younger

    Many people try to take care of themselves and look like a million dollars. But no matter how we pursue beauty, there are things that can not be avoided. One of the most inexorable enemies of our beauty is age. Naturally, we can not turn back the clock, but in our power to maintain the […] More

  • 8 important steps to shave intimate area

    Your pubic area should be clean and hygienic. It deserves special attention and care on your part. So, most women try different methods to clean and shave their bikini line. The most effective way to get rid of pubic hair is shaving. What do you think about it? However, many women do not know how […] More

  • 6 amazing ways to improve skin with apple cider vinegar

    It is not secret that all women want to look perfect. They take care of their bodies. They visit their cosmetologist, attend a gym and so on. Special attention they pay to their skin. They are ready to spend a lot of money to keep it young and moisturized. You should know that even if […] More

  • Coconut oil can help look younger

    Coconut oil is a true godsend for women! The range of its usage is so wide that it has made it a popular and irreplaceable product. We can use coconut oil as a hair mask, as cream for the face and body, as sunscreen and much more. It helps women from all over the world […] More

  • 6 Best Anti-Aging Oils for Younger Looking Skin

    The skin’s production of oils dramatically reduces over the years, leading to sagging skin, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Therefore, it is of high importance to hydrate it properly in order to compensate for the lost natural oils, with the help of natural herbal oils. These oils will rejuvenate the skin and boost its health. The […] More

  • Tips for rejuvenating the eyes

    The skin around the eyes is very thin and contains little elastin and collagen. That is why it reacts more to unfavorable factors: stress, dry air, overwork, lack of sleep, smoking, and so on, than the skin of the face. Rejuvenating eyes is a procedure that is not necessary to be performed in the beauty […] More

  • Remove the fungus from your toenails with these two ingredients!

    Fungal infections can appear anywhere on your body. Fungal infection happens when the fungi appear in the human body and attack it. This type of infection appears mainly on the toenails, fingernails or even under the nails. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), this type of infection will mainly attack the toenails, because […] More

  • How to prevent and treat shoe bites?

    The best remedy for stress is and always will be shopping. Buying a new pair of shoes for most people brings immense happiness. But, this will turn into something not so fun, when the new pair of shoes gives you blisters or shoe bites. Shoe bites are painful sores, which happen because the skin is […] More