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  • She Eats Even 50 Bananas a Day: Today, Her Body Looks Unrecognizable !

    Lin Ratcliffe is the most popular Internet star. She has more than 450,000 followers on Instagram. People usually call her banana girl because she eats up to 50 bananas every day! According to her, this is the diet that keeps her fit. She has even created her own diet plan, named Raw till 4 diet. […] More

  • Use Baking Soda This Way to Look a Decade Younger in Just a Few Minutes

    The baking soda can be used for many things, from skin care, to cleaning and even health. The backing soda can be used for a cough, for preventing and curing health problems and even whitening clothes. The baking soda is powerful enough to absorb bad odors and to freshen up carpets and to dirty clean […] More

  • Use This Oil for Fast Hair, Eyebrows, and Eyelashes Growth

    Do you admire your hair or you spend hours in front of the mirror trying to fix it? An appropriate hair care will make it healthy, voluminous, and shiny, so you’ll be more than happy with how it looks. Now you may think that you already take care of your hair, but it’s still far […] More

  • Remove Toxins of the Body Through the Feet

    Detox baths make you feel and look healthier and better. If you want to make your tired feet look well again, the foot detox is amazing. If you want flip-flops, sandals or just being barefoot, healthy feet are nice-looking feet. The bath can be really relaxing especially warming and cleansing one. But, try them before […] More

  • Wash Your Face with Coconut Oil and Baking Soda 3 times a Week, and This Will Happen in a Month ! (Video)

    Nowadays people spend a little fortune on moisturizers, face creams, masks, and other cosmetic products. But, most skin products have harmful chemicals like phthalates, which usually go unlabeled. Phthalates and other tested chemicals have been included in animal studies with altered pregnancy outcomes, male genital birth defects, and decreased sperm counts. Although there isn’t definitive […] More

  • Coconut Oil and Lemon Mixture: It Turns Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color

    Gray hairs are the biggest nightmare for women because they are considered to be the first sign of aging. So, women are ready to try anything to hide the gray hairs. There are many products and hair dyes, which can successfully cover the gray hairs. However, their effects are short-term and they come with a […] More

  • COCONUT OIL: The Best Remedy For Dental Health!

    Coconut oil is a pioneer in oral care. In the beginning, it was introduced as a substitute for toothpaste, and now it has been proven that it can treat cavities. Old-fashioned kinds of toothpaste are full of harmful chemicals. Infections in the mouth can lead to a development of numerous health problems including heart disease, […] More