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  • 12 foods that burn fat by boosting the metabolism

    It is not a secret that people who have a fast metabolism don’t have extra weight. After all, the faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to burn extra fat. But a fast metabolism isn’t an advantage reserved for a select few lucky enough to be born with it. […] More

  • 4 ways mustard can heal the body

    This seasoning is known to mankind for thousands of years. Many people use mustard grain not just for making hot sauces, or a tasty and healthy oil, but as a bright and metaphorical symbol that expresses tremendous power. In addition, mustard is a well-known medicinal remedy used both in folk and official medicine, which has […] More

  • What and how to eat to keep the kidneys healthy

    Your kidneys work hard to clean your blood, get rid of waste products, keep balance in electrolytes and fluid amounts. They also produce special hormone called erythropoietin in order to stimulate generation of new red blood cells, when your body needs them. Unfortunately our unhealthy lifestyle together with genetic factors may affect these vital organs, […] More

  • 7 foods women over 50 should add to their diet asap

    50 years is the age when much has already been achieved, children have grown up, there is a career and a good family, experience and wisdom. What about health? Could we maintain it? How to strengthen the body after 50 to feel good for a long time? It is necessary to take care of healthy […] More

  • What foods to eat and what foods to avoid at breakfast

    As you may already know – breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it does not mean that you can eat just anything – just for the sake of eating. The thing is that there are special types of food that you have to eat in the morning to program your body […] More

  • 10 common foods that work as natural skincare products

    Today, there are a lot of trends in beauty industry, but the main thing is always the same – healthy radiant skin, which is really available to everyone without exception. Cosmetic companies offer a large selection of all kinds of creams, serums, lotions, masks and tonics. However, it is very easy to get lost and […] More

  • 14 ways to use onions in treating and preventing health issues

    Onion is the most underrated food ingredient present in your kitchen. You can use it in various dishes or eat it in a salad, but the medicinal benefits of onions remain unexplored. Everyone knows that the onion is useful. In general, we perceive it as a kind of anti-catarrhal property, while in reality it is […] More

  • Blueberries may help kill cancer cells by “tricking” them

    Show us a person who does not like blueberries. Probably, he does not exist! Blueberries are not only delicious food, but also a healthy “superfood”, because they are full of antioxidants that offer various health benefits. What’s more, a recent study showed that blueberries help to treat cancer. What?! By studying human cervical cancer cell […] More

  • Top-10 foods that can help clean arteries

    Your arteries are the blood vessels that are responsible for the transporting your oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body. A normal artery is strong, flexible and elastic but when our arteries begin to get clogged this transportation is restricted and a serious condition called atherosclerosis can develop. This can lead […] More

  • 8 eating habits, which make Japan the slimmest nation in the world

    It is said that Japanese people are the nation that lives the longest while they are also in the first place when it comes to slim people. The chances of obesity are almost non-existent in Japan. Why is that? It all comes from their attitude towards the food. They have even the special system of […] More

  • Stop eating sugar and notice 5 positive differences

    Despite the fact that many people are used to think that sugar is a big evil in the global sense, it is not entirely true. The trouble is that now in the food industry it is added to almost all foods. This means that if you consume a lot of foods with sugar, then surely […] More