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  • What can one banana a day do for you?

    There are three types of sugars that are inside of a banana: glucose, sucrose and fructose. Bananas also contain fiber and this incredible combination is what brings the feeling of satiety that lasts long. There are multiple studies that show that just two bananas are enough for a 90 minute workout. This is one of […] More

  • This Is Why You Should NEVER Eat Tilapia!

    Fish can be an excellent source of vitamin and minerals. Fish is high in minerals such as selenium, iodine and zinc, and vitamins such as vitamin A and D. This food improves metabolism and helps prevent DNA damage caused by some chemicals and radiation. It is also good for healthy eyes and healthy skin and […] More

  • The Seafood from These Countries Might Be Filled with Antibiotics

    The American Heart Association recommends consuming 2 serving of fish every week. But, buying fish isn’t simple, because you should be very careful when you are choosing fish at the market. Fish you consume can have chemicals, mercury, and Bisphenol A. Wild Fish Vs. Farmed Fish Both wild and farmed fish, have risks. Wild fish- […] More

  • Entire family dies after a young woman makes a simple mistake in the kitchen

    Potatoes are main ingredients in a number of cuisines around the world. They are very healthy. People use them to prepare delicious recipes. But, sometimes potatoes can damage our health, and even cause death. Potatoes need appropriate care. If you keep your potatoes in your kitchen for too long, you shouldn’t use them, here is […] More

  • Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer?

    A recent study conducted by the University of California, San Diego has revealed why consuming red meat leads to higher instances of cancer. People are the only animals that have a higher risk of cancer when it comes to consuming red meat. The study was published December 29 in the Proceedings of the National Academy […] More

  • The 14 Fake Olive Oil Companies Are Revealed Now – Avoid These Brands

    Believed or not, seven of the biggest olive oil producers in the U.S. mix their products with cheap oils in order to earn more money. To be exact, olive oil which we consider as the healthiest product and a remedy for longevity has been corrupted. About 70 percent of olive oil sold in the U.S. […] More

  • Shocking: The Meat Industry Uses Huge Mutant Cows for Beef Production

    Believed or not, this is not a mythical creature but it’s a real bull that exists on some farms. This strange looking bull is called a Belgian blue bull. These bulls are known for their exceptionally muscled frame and huge size. Farmers who own these bulls have used selective breeding to isolate a mutated gene […] More

  • Have You Ever Seen Long Eggs? Here’s How They Are Produced! (Video)

    Je, who works as a reporter, ordered an egg bread in a restaurant. He was amazed when he saw that every slice looks equal. This seemed strange to him, because at home every slice looks different. But, he forgot about this. Few days later, he went to a restaurant again. He asked the employees where […] More