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  • Water retention in the body: causes and remedies

    We all understand that it is highly important to take care of our health. Today, most of people are exposed to environmental factors, suffer from stress and anxiety, have a number of harmful habits, and lead sedentary lifestyle. All these issues cause some health conditions that bring discomfort and stop us from living fully. That’s […] More

  • Everything about sciatica, the largest nerve in the body

    Sciatica is a term, used to describe irritation of the largest nerve in the human’s body called sciatic nerve. It runs from the lower part of the spine down to the thighs, buttocks and legs, controlling sensations in these regions. Sciatica is not a disease but it’s a symptoms of certain health problems that involve […] More

  • When the body asks for help: top 10 important signals not to ignore!

    The human body can be likened to a perfect mechanism where millions of processes occur simultaneously. And whenever something’s wrong, our body starts sending us certain signals – that we often ignore or fail to notice. In order to prevent complications, it is important to learn to recognize these signs. Here are some of the […] More

  • Spotting dehydration: 6 unusual signs

    You probably know that nearly 75% of our bodies’ weight consists of water. It can be found inside the cells, between them, inside the arteries and veins. Every day we lose certain amount of body fluid when breathing, sweating, urinating and have bowel movements. During vigorous workouts and in hot environment our organisms lose even […] More

  • 4 simple things to benefit the brain and avoid mental decline

    With aging, almost all processes in our bodies slow down. That’s why older adults often have lower metabolic rate, impaired blood flow and cognitive decline. Your brain works hard 24/7, so it’s natural that it becomes tired after tens of years, especially if you’re engaged in stressful job or have negative emotions too frequently. Mental […] More

  • 8 tips for natural varicose vein treatments

    Varicose veins are one of that conditions that many people suffer from these days. The reason why it is so popular recently is due to our ways of living. We either walk less and sit too much or walk too much, and the shoes we are wearing are anything but comfortable. No matter what the […] More

  • 4 signs of clogged arteries to pay attention to

    Wide net of large and small vessels runs through your body, carrying blood from the heart to every cell and then returns it back to the heart. Arteries are vessels that delivery oxygen-rich blood to all organs. And veins gather deoxygenated blood from the organs in order to move it to the heart. Everything goes […] More

  • Common symptoms of diabetes in women

    Food is a natural fuel for your body, which gives the energy charge and allows you to stay active during the whole day. Your pancreas (flat oblong organ, located in the abdomen just behind the stomach) normally produces hormone insulin, which helps convert glucose from the food into energy. If production of this chemical gets […] More

  • The nails can reveal the state of overall health

    Our body constantly sends various signals about any health problems. Unfortunately, most people ignore them. This is a big mistake that can lead you to some bad consequences. Did you know that your nails can reveal the state of your overall health? For example, some spots, lines or changes in nail color can be signs […] More

  • Causes and signs of Cushing’s syndrome

    Hormonal balance is one of the fundamental factors, which helps maintain your health and performance. Endocrine system involves several glands that work together and create different hormones. Errors in their functioning may lead to serious consequences. We all know that changes in reproductive and thyroid hormones may cause a lot of harm to our body. […] More

  • 6 symptoms of a struggling liver

    The human body is arranged in such a way that all organs can be divided into vital and auxiliary ones. The liver uniquely refers to the first group. Its importance for maintaining the viability of the body cannot be overemphasized. In addition, it is a powerful parenchymal organ, which combines the functions of the digestive […] More

  • Top 5 face detox tips to maintain healthy, radiant skin

    Many of you may have already heard or maybe even tried body detox remedies and know how useful and effective they are. But apart from your body, there is something else that needs some detox – your skin, especially your face. The thing is that the environment we live in is far from being a […] More