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  • 9 health red flags to see a doctor about

    Every one of us leads a busy way of life, and sometimes there is barely enough time left to devote to anything yourself included. Very often what we want most is some rest and some few additional hours of sleep. Of course, at times like that, you rarely think about your health until there is […] More

  • 6 most common causes of breast pain

    The female body is a complex thing … PMS, menstrual cycle, hormones, breast pain. As for the breast pain, this is a fairly common problem among many women. Your breasts can be very sensitive, painful, swollen, and achy for a variety of reasons, starting with an unsuitable bra, hormonal fluctuations and ending with various female […] More

  • Get rid of corns on your feet with these 6 home remedies

    If your feet tend to rub on certain places in your shoes, you may find that you have calluses and corns forming. A corn is really just a specific type of callus, so the treatment is the same. Unfortunately, as corns develop, they tend to put pressure on your feet and toes, becoming painful. Here is some […] More

  • 7 causes of lower back pain that mainly affect women

    Maybe there is no person, who didn’t experience pain in the lower back at least once in the life. It’s especially common problem among those, who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer. This causes excessive pressure on the ligaments and muscles. Painful sensations in the lower part of your back may occur […] More

  • 6 main causes of chest pain and headache

    Experiencing chest pain is a really stressful event that makes people seek for immediate medical care. Although it is a classic symptom of some life-threatening conditions, like heart attack and aortic dissection, in 80-90% of cases chest pain doesn’t have a link with the heart. Headache is another common problem, which requires taking painkillers. Sometimes […] More

  • 10 anti-age spot remedies anyone can make from scratch

    Only very few people are happy owners of flawless skin. Most of the world’s population suffers from all sorts of skin defects, to which pigmented spots can be attributed. Pigmented spots are hyperpigmentation of the skin caused by uneven distribution of melanin pigment in the skin. As a result, in some places the skin becomes […] More

  • 6 colours of period blood mean 6 different things

    Period is not only a monthly pain and mood changes, it is also the main key to women’s health. The fact is, the period is a vital sign that can tell a lot about changes in the female body. When a woman have period means (in most cases) that she is not pregnant. However, this […] More

  • Nightly hand numbess isn’t (just) a sign of aging

    Many people, especially representatives of older age groups, are familiar with the sensation of tingling, crawling and numbness in the hands, especially at night. However, this symptom can be observed at any age. The main and most common reason that your hands go numb at night is cervical osteochondrosis or the deposition of salts in […] More

  • 8 health warnings to look for in the mirror

    A single look at a person’s face is enough to learn a lot about him. We all know that our eyes are a mirror of the soul, but our face can tell a lot about the diseases that we suffer from. Not surprisingly, many doctors prefer close contact with patients. In this way, they can […] More

  • What cold feet symptom actually means

    Do you know about the symptom of “cold feet”? Some people may experience this symptom from time to time; they have literally cold feet that are either cold or cold to the touch, or both. What are the causes of this problem? There are some causes why you should not worry, because they are temporary […] More

  • 5 undeniable health benefits of salt water mouth rinse

    Most of us have dealt with salt water mouth rinse at least once. Mothers always asked us to do this to relieve a sore throat. Does it actually work? Even if there is no apparent relief, like rinsing with salt water for a sore throat, those who have tried it can agree that yes, it […] More

  • Every woman should know these 30 tricks with turmeriс

    Turmeric is very delicious and useful spice. This plant has been used not only in medicine but also in cosmetology and cooking. Useful properties of turmeric used for the treatment of diabetes, arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This spice became popular in Indian cooking but now it is actively used in America and Europe. Turmeric […] More