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  • The alkaline diet that every cancer patient needs to follow

    The balance of pH levels and the alkaline environment in the body is something that is very important for every human, especially for an individual that is suffering from cancer. Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment so we need to aim to achieve this type of environment in our system. Our overall health […] More

  • 7 Reasons Why Japanese Women Look Youthful and Beautiful

    Japan is a beautiful country, overflowing with beautiful ladies. We can all agree that women in Japan look young no matter their age.Japan is a beautiful country, overflowing with beautiful ladies. We can all agree that women in Japan look young no matter their age. But what is their secret? Japanese women look so young […] More

  • The best way to remove Warts using Duct Tape –proven method

    Warts small and grainy skin growths on the fingers or on the hands. They are unpleasant, unsightly and unfortunately very common. Warts can appear as a result of a virus which can be spread by touching. They can be different: Small, grainy, fleshy bumps White, flesh-colored, tan or pink Rough on the touch Full of […] More

  • Common ‘Healthy’ Food Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer and Brain Damage

    Numerous of people around the world are trying to consume healthier foods and drinks in order to preserve and strengthen their health. However, many American health-conscious people replaced meat and eggs with tofu. Soy industry is doing everything to convince you that you’ve made the right choice, but in reality, things are different. Processed soy […] More

  • Don’t use apple cider vinegar if you use any of these medications

    Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can be used for different purposes. People usually use ACV for treating colds, allergies, and reflux. Additionally, Apple cider vinegar helps in weight loss and in whitening teeth. But you should know that you should be very careful with it because it can be very […] More

  • How to Eliminate the toxins from the body through the feet?

    Did you know that the Ancient Chinese medicine method can successfully detox your body through your feet? Feet have energy zones, which are related to the most important organs. So, you can detoxify your body and eliminate toxin from your body through your feet. How to detoxify your body through the feet? The detoxification is […] More

  • Reverse Cavities And Heal Tooth Decay With These 5 Steps!

    The decay is the first sign that something wrong is going on in your body. In order to improve your teeth health, you should pay attention to having a good oral hygiene and a healthy diet. What Causes Tooth Decay Tooth decay can be the result of: Standard American Diet Full of Processed Food Lack […] More

  • 5 health benefits from the amazing mixture of lemon and olive oil

    Natural medicine can work in multiple forms and it can be more effective than the modern methods. There are natural remedies for just about any disease known to man, regardless if it is a medical condition or household issue. Today we are going to talk about the ultimate combination, which can treat numerous things at […] More

  • Cleanse your eyes and improve your vision with the help of this natural remedy

    The eyes are perhaps the most sensitive part of the human body, because they are susceptible and prone to numerous problems and diseases. The most common and the biggest of them all is cataract, which is clouding of the lens, which develops slowly while decreasing the vision. The symptoms of this conditions are bright lights, […] More

  • The insulin plant that is nature’s gift to diabetics

    Costus Igneus is a plant that is believed to be able to treat diabetes and the symptoms of diabetes. This plant is also known as Spiral Flag and Fiery Costus and it grows mostly in Brazil. It can be also found in certain places in India, and it possesses amazing anti-diabetic properties, that have been […] More

  • 11 Surprising Ways Of Baking Soda That Can Change Your Life

    We all have this wonderful product in our kitchen. It is cheap, available and you can use it in many different ways. Yes, we are talking about baking soda. This amazing product can be used for numerous purposes. 11 great uses for baking soda 1.Natural Deodorant: you can make an effective and simple natural deodorant. […] More