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  • Don’t Throw Banana Peels-Amazing Benefits of Banana Peel

    We all enjoy eating bananas, and we always throw the banana peels in the garbage immediately. But, banana peels are also very beneficial. Read this article and you will never throw banana peels again. We all enjoy eating bananas, and we always throw the banana peels in the garbage immediately. But, banana peels are also […] More

  • Chicken Meat Is First Sent to China And Then Reaches U.S. Tables

    Are you ready to hear some shocking news about your favorite chicken meat you buy in local supermarkets every day? Well, the USDA limited the number of Chinese companies allowed to process poultry and then export it to the U.S. They also allowed the companies to ship chicken products only from birds raised in U.S […] More

  • CNN Warns: Stop Consuming This Food Because It May Bring Dangerous Worms in the Body

    According to CNN, we should all be very careful, as one specific type of meat contains the tapeworm Spirometraerinaceieuropaei and it can cause Sparganosis, which is an extremely dangerous parasitic infection. On the official CNN’s website, you can read a story of a man who was diagnosed with this tapeworm after traveling to China, Japan, […] More

  • Tips on How to Get the Perfect Honey

    We all know that honey is very healthy for us. But, you should be very careful when you buy honey because not all honey are packed with minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes. If you buy a wrong jar, you may ruin your oatmeal, fruit salads and other meals. So, before you buy your next jar of […] More

  • The Fat Burning, Anti-Aging Chocolate Avocado Pudding You Can Make In Minutes

    Did you know that you make a delicious dessert out of a really healthy ingredient? Well, you should definitely try this incredible Chocolate Avocado Pudding! It’s easy to make and extremely delicious. Avocados Can Balance Hormones, Boost Metabolism, and Fight Disease Avocados are rich in plant sterols, such as beta-sitosterol, that have antiestrogenic properties. They […] More

  • The Most Dangerous White Toxin We Eat Every Day, And It’s Not Sugar Or Salt.

    Have you ever heard of sodium glutamate or E621? Do you know anything about this substance? Well, you are consuming this substance every day and it’s wreaking havoc on your body! Sodium glutamate E621 is an additive found in all produced foods. Sodium glutamate is one of the most harmful substances we consume every day. […] More

  • 14 Biggest Food Myths Busted By Science!

    I guess that your parents or grandparents mentioned you that you should always consume two bananas together or that you should never eat your dinner after 7 pm. But is this true? Food myths have existed since people started eating. Actually, these are a lot of myths about the food we consume. But, are they […] More