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  • 14 Biggest Food Myths Busted By Science!

    I guess that your parents or grandparents mentioned you that you should always consume two bananas together or that you should never eat your dinner after 7 pm. But is this true? Food myths have existed since people started eating. Actually, these are a lot of myths about the food we consume. But, are they […] More

  • 4 Leftovers You Should Avoid Eating At Any Cost, Especially The 4th One

    Sometimes, we all enjoy consuming the reheated leftovers. But, consuming reheated leftovers is not always harmless as it seems. You should know that some foods might put in danger your health if you consume them reheated. These are the 4 leftovers you should avoid: Chicken As you already know, chicken is high in protein. But […] More

  • 7 Day Alkaline Diet Plan to Fight Inflammation and Disease

    Every body system has its own ideal pH level. But small variations in this balance can cause disastrous consequences. With pH level 7.35-7.45, our blood is on the alkaline side, but the stomach acid needs a pH of 3.5> to break down food. Modern diets are high in acidic foods and lead to disease and […] More

  • Man Uses Water To Properly Prepare Bacon

    We all enjoy eating bacon. Most of us prefer fried bacon and we prepare it in a usually way. But this man prepared bacon in a different way. You should definitely see what this man is about to do! You will be shocked when you see the final results! How is bacon even made? First, […] More

  • Any Woman Over 40 Should Be Using This Essential Oil Every day

    Women after the 40th year experience changes in several aspects, psychological, physical, and emotional. Aging normally causes hot flashes, increases stress, and reduces memory. Women around the world used clary sage in order to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, so that’s why we decided to reveal some benefits of clary sage oil and ways […] More

  • Five simple ways to lose belly fat without exercise

    Belly fat is a frustrating issue, that is very common, especially in modern times. We are being told that the only way to get rid of it is by sweating it out, but there are other, scientifically proven ways to eliminate it without exercise. 1. Consume foods that are rich in omega-3 The body itself […] More

  • Learn How to Avoid Buying Fake Salt Ever Again!

    People around the world are trying to improve their lifestyle and turn towards healthier alternatives. But, many of them are buying a fake salt without knowing that. When they see the sign sea salt they think that they are buying a healthier kind of salt. But isn’t all salt technically from the sea? Then why […] More

  • What can one banana a day do for you?

    There are three types of sugars that are inside of a banana: glucose, sucrose and fructose. Bananas also contain fiber and this incredible combination is what brings the feeling of satiety that lasts long. There are multiple studies that show that just two bananas are enough for a 90 minute workout. This is one of […] More

  • This Is Why You Should NEVER Eat Tilapia!

    Fish can be an excellent source of vitamin and minerals. Fish is high in minerals such as selenium, iodine and zinc, and vitamins such as vitamin A and D. This food improves metabolism and helps prevent DNA damage caused by some chemicals and radiation. It is also good for healthy eyes and healthy skin and […] More