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  • These 16 Restaurants Have The MOST Antibiotics In Their Meat! Avoid Them!

    You already know how much of the mass-produced meat in our country is laced up with antibiotics, but today we are presenting you a list of the worst restaurant chain criminals. A recent reportclassified the 25 largest US fast food and fundamental restaurant chains based on their practices and policies when it comes to antibiotics […] More

  • Panera Has Kept Its Promise, New Menu is Now 100% Clean

    The famous Bread Company Panera surprised everybody because it really kept its promise to point out artificial food dyes, preservatives, and ingredients that can’t be even pronounced correctly. Now, Panera Bread Company’s menu is 100% clean. Three years ago, they didn’t live up to their expensive ad campaign “Live Consciously-Eat Deliciously” which cost them up […] More

  • NBC NEWS: By The End Of 2017 All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant!

    NBC warns that until the end of 2017 the Americans will receive a microchips implant. These microchips will identify the person instantly. NBC claims that this revolution will cause the concern. People will ask themselves Am I who I say I am? Some people are concerned that the federal government will be very influential with […] More

  • This Is Why You Should Never Eat At Jimmy John’s Again!

    When the public saw the photos of the owner of the Jimmy John’s restaurant, many people decided to stop eating at his place. On those photos, he is posing with animals killed on trophy hunting expeditions. As stated by the Business Insider, Jimmy John Liataud has visited Africa several times and took part in big […] More

  • 10 Horrifying Ingredients That Prove McDonald’s Is Not Fit for Consumption

    We all know that fast food in not a healthy food, but millions of people, especially Americans, continue to consume this food because it is easily prepared and served. When we talk about fast food brands, McDonald’s is the first people’s choice, but unfortunately, its food has dangerous toxic ingredients that can really harm your […] More

  • Researchers Say: Intelligence Is Passed From the Mothers, Not From the Fathers

    Fathers will not be happy with the conclusion from this research, but in the opinion of the majority of researchers, children inherit the intelligence from the feminine, or the so called X gene. Dr. Keith Witt stated that the X chromosome possesses a great number of genes. Generally, children were considered to inherit their intelligence […] More

  • Shocking: Nutella Contains Carcinogenic Ingredient?

    Can you believe that this delicious and creamy chocolate dessert contains carcinogenic ingredient? Continue reading to find out all the details and the process of production. Let’s first find out what’s Nutella? The story of the invention of Nutella is very interesting. When World War II came to its end, a young confectioner, Pietro Ferrero […] More

  • After Seeing This Video, You Will Probably Never Drink Sodas Again!

    Warnings about the harmful health effects due to drinking soft drinks are everywhere, but in some cases words are useless without the illustrations. This video reveals an experiment shows Coca-Cola. Have you ever wondered how much sugar carbonated drinks contain? Just watch the video below and you will certainly start to see things in a […] More