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  • 5 steps that can help you restore hormonal balance for weight loss

    Have you ever been in a such situation, when you adhere to a weight-loss diet, exercise a lot and do everything to lose extra pounds, but in vain? If yes, probably you have a hormone imbalance that do not allow you to lose weight, and your pounds stay motionless. It is very important to maintain […] More

  • How to lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks

    If you really want to lose 20 pounds and totally change your appearance, besides your good will, you will also need lemon. This powerful and extremely quick diet burns the excess fat and pounds, while it purifies the blood and strengthens the organism. You do not have to eat lemons during the lemon diet. According […] More

  • 6 proven ways to remove tummy fat

    The folds on the abdomen not only look bad, but can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. To find out if you have problems with excess fat on your abdominal area, measure with a centimeter belt around the waist. If you are a […] More

  • The 5 stages of motivation in any weight-loss process

    How many of you failed with your weight loss plan? Since you are here, it means that most likely – all of you. Why is that you may wonder – what is wrong with you? Well, worry not- you are not the only one, and there is nothing wrong with you. The thing is that […] More

  • 9 Indian recipes to lose weight without any workouts

    It is true that these days most of us lead quite busy ways of lives. However, the fact that we are busy does not necessarily mean that we are physically active. The thing is that with all the sedentary types of works, vehicles at hand and lots of tasty unhealthy food it is oh so […] More

  • 5 ways to deflate a bloated belly for good

    Bloating is the accumulation of gases in the intestines due to digestive disorders. This process is most often accompanied by swelling, an increase in volume of the abdomen and an unpleasant puffy feeling from the inside. Undoubtedly, we have all experienced this to some extent, and we perfectly know what discomfort this disease can bring. […] More

  • 8 things that stopping women from weight loss

    It’s not a secret that obesity is still a major issue among people. It can cause lots of other health problems, such as stomach disorders, cancer, diabetes, renal failures and even heart attack. These horrifying effects made us realize that constant gobbling of food is not the best choice, and if a person wants to […] More

  • Detox teas to weight loss and keep the liver healthy

    As the beach season is just around the corner, so many women try to lose excess weight as soon as possible. They try different ways to lose weight, and also stick to some strict diets. However, you should know that most of strict diets like yo-yo can harm your health. Therefore, this is not the […] More

  • Apple cider vinegar and a towel can reduce cellulite

    The magazines and social networks dictate the rules in the modern world. Beauty is the result of painstaking daily work on yourself. When women see the perfect images in magazines and on TV, they start to think about the imperfection of their appearance. Such problems are often invented. The main fear of all women is […] More

  • A recipe for an incredibly effective natural beverage to blast belly fat

    Overweight is a huge problem that affects both men and women. This problem has been called an epidemic and compared to the negative effects of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption in terms of the extent of its negative impact on health. Belly fat is more than just an annoying problem that makes your clothes feel […] More

  • 20 ways to shed pounds without trying

    Are you tired of strict diets and exhausting workouts, but still want to slim down? You may not believe it, but it is possible to reach your goal weight without making drastic changes to your life. Are you interested? Yet, while following a healthy diet and slipping into exercise does take some regular work, it […] More

  • 102 steps to a tiny waist

    We all have a different goal and dreams in our lives, but some of them coincide, especially when it comes to women. The thing is that most women dream of perfect bodies and spend countless hours on figuring out how to get there. Dieting and working out is great, but sometimes we can’t afford any […] More