Dangerous, Fake Herbal Supplements Sold at 4 National Store Chains

You can find numerous of herbal supplement in the health and wellness aisle of a store. You are probably wondering if they are a real healthy supplement or fake commercial products. Well, unfortunately, some of the biggest national healthy store chains sell fake herbal supplements.

Continue reading and learn which are these supplements and these stores and avoid buy them in the future.

Stores Which Sell Fake Herbal Supplements

Recently, GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart have been exposed for selling fake and dangerous herbal supplements. Instead of good herbal mixtures, these fake supplements have loads of cheap fillers in their content, such as:

  • Powdered vegetables (legumes, peas, carrots, beans, soy, radish, garlic)
  • Wheat
  • Regular House Plants

If you’re one of those who is buying fake supplements at these stores, you definitely don’t have a healthy diet. You should be careful with these fake supplements because many ingredients in these products are allergens.

For that reason, you should avoid these national stores when you want to buy healthy herbal supplements.

The Fake Supplements

1. Valerian Root, St. John’s Wort, and Target’s Ginkgo Biloba

These herbal supplements don’t include any herb. Target’s herbal supplements contain peas, rice, beans, and carrots.

2. GNC Herbal Supplements

The herbal supplements that are sold at GNC store contain dangerous allergens such as soybeans and peanuts.

3. Walgreen’s Ginseng Supplements

Shockingly, this supplement doesn’t contain any ginseng at all, but it contains rice and garlic.

4. The Memory-Boosting Ginkgo Biloba from Walmart

Walmart’s Ginkgo Biloba supplement is typically produced from wheat, house plants, and radishes, even though the company claims to be gluten-free and wheat-free.

The New York state advocate, Eric Schneiderman, demands a quick removal of these fake herbal supplements from the store shelves, because of false advertising, mislabeling, and contamination is dangerous and against the law.

GNC stood behind the pureness and superiority of its store brand. Walgreens claimed that these products will be quickly removed from store shelves across the country. Target hasn’t responded yet to the cease-and-desist letter sent by Mr. Eric Schneiderman, and Walmart claimed that it will take suitable action.

In the meantime, we recommend you to avoid these products in order to prevent allergies.

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