Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately

A warning came from the doctors in the United States that the hot dogs are harmful for the children, therefore, parents resist buying them.

Hot dogs are common snack or even meal for many Americans. It is stated that Americans eat approximately 155 million hot dogs only for one day (Independence day on 4th of July), which is more than the allowed consummation.

A recent research prove that children who eat more than twelve hot dogs in a month are nine times more at risk to develop leukemia.

This research also shows the harmful effect on pregnant women who consumes one hot dog in a week since it can give birth to a child with the predispositions of brain tumor.

The same applies for the men consuming hot dogs before they impregnate their wives, because the baby can develop cancer cells.

This is due to the nitrite additives which hot dogs consist of, and can cause these problems.

These additives are part of the hot dogs in combating botulism so they have detrimental health implication to those who eat them.

If they are cooked there can be a combination of nitrates and amines. The amines are part of the meat in natural way, but when combined with nitrates they become severe carcinogenic ingredients.

Try to stop eating the hot dogs and tell your friends too, so that next time you ant to eat it there is someone who will remind you of its dangerous consistency. We recommend you to completely cut off the hot dogs as your meal and try some homemade healthy food instead.

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