Doctors Tell People Over 40 To Stop Taking Ibuprofen. Here’s Why!

Every time when you feel any kind of strong pain, the first solution that comes to your mind are of course painkillers or other medications. Ibuprofen or generally known as Advil is widely accepted and consumed by many Americans. They dissolve this ‘magical potion’ in water and the problem with the pain disappears, at least momentary.

But you should think twice before deciding to take this popular medication. The FDA informs you that it carries certain risks, especially for your heart.

In 2005, the FDA indicated of a possible danger of getting a heart attack or stroke. Afterwards, they gave a detailed explanation for this drug in their study and revealed these facts:

– You are exposed to risk even after a couple of uses. You don’t have to be using Ibuprofen for a long lime. The chance of getting heart disease is still not excluded.
– With its use, the risk increases gradually.
– The risk is almost equal no matter if you have health problem or not.

Due to lack of information, people are misguided and have an unfounded trust in this drug. They believe that is harmful with no side-effects whatsoever. That is why the FDA, gave a warning signal. They have also banned many other dangerous drugs.

Here you have a much safer alternative for pain relief.


This spice is definitely a blessing and has the power for making your pain disappear. Ibuprofen acts to reduce inflammation, while turmeric on the other side fully prevents it. That’s why we say that it is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting diseases. Known for its healing properties, turmeric blocks inflammation enzymes and cytokines. It is rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant and it comes from the ginger family.

Try this amazing spice and feel its healthy benefits.

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