Don’t Let Your Children Sit In This Position! Here’s Why!

Most of the children enjoy sitting in the position of the letter W. They usually choose this position while they are playing. But, you should stop them as soon as possible because, in this position, their joints and hips are rotated and cause the muscles on the inside of the hips to tighten and the muscles on the hips stretch.

This can lead to orthopedic problems and problems with balance.

How to prevent your children from sitting in this position

The best way to deal with this problem is to stop it before it turns into a problem. You should not let your children get used to this position. We show our children how to sit properly, so don’t let them learn this position.

But if they learn it by themselves, just put them in some other position or simply tell them to fix their legs. Be stable and you are going to succeed.

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