The Most Effective Natural Treatment For Varicose Veins – Guaranteed Results In 24 Hours!

Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins. They are usually blue or dark purple and the veins most commonly affected are those on your legs, but other parts of the body are not excluded as well. Besides being a cosmetic problem, they can be very painful, exposed to high pressure when standing.

Severe varicose veins can lead to leg swelling, venous eczema, skin thickening and ulceration. This condition doesn’t signify a life threat, but since they are sometimes related to deep vein thrombosis, they may turn into dangerous health problem.

As stated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, varicose veins are a problem to 25% of women and 10 % of men. For pain relief, doctors recommend one or more medical procedures.

But, in this article we are offering you 6 natural remedies to treat this problem. We are almost sure that you have all these ingredients at home.

1. Apple cider vinegar

This product cleanses your body in a natural way. Good blood flow and circulation in this situation are crucial and apple cider vinegar will certainly help you improving them. All that heaviness and swelling will be considerably decreased.

The procedure is the following: apply undiluted apple cider vinegar on the skin over the varicose veins and gently massage the area. Practice this treatment every day before going to bed and repeat it in the morning. Follow these instructions for a few months to reduce the size of varicose veins.

Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Stir well. Drink this liquid twice a day for at least one month for best effect.

2. Cayenne Pepper

The miraculous properties of cayenne pepper make it an indispensable treatment for varicose veins. It is high in vitamin C and flavonoids and being one of the most powerful medicinal herbs in the world, offers many health benefits. It stimulates you body’s circulation and minimizes the pain of congested and swollen veins.

Add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder to a cup of hot water. Stir well. Drink this liquid three times a day for one or two months.

3. Olive Oil

Try massaging with olive oil in order to reduce pain and inflammation. It will also help you to improve circulation, which means alleviating the pain and lowering the risk of inflammation.

Mix equal amounts of olive oil and vitamin E oil. Warm the combination of oils slightly. Use the mixture to massage the veins for few minutes. Do this treatment twice a day for one or two months.

You can also mix four drops of cypress essential oil in two teaspoons of warm olive oil. Apply the mixture on the affected area and massage gently.

4. Garlic

Having strong anti-inflammation properties, varicose veins cannot be treated without this amazingly healthy herb. It also acts against accumulation of toxins in the blood vessels and boosts circulation.

Slice up six garlic cloves and place them in a clean glass jar. Next, extract the juice of three oranges and add it to the jar. Add two tablespoons of olive oil too. Allow the mixture sit for about 12 hours. When the mixture is ready, shake the jar and put a few drops of it on your fingers. It’s important to massage the inflamed veins in a circular motion for 15 minutes. Afterwards, you should wrap the area with a cotton cloth and leave it sit overnight.

The procedure should be repeated for several months, every day.

Plus, don’t forget to include fresh garlic in your diet.

5. Butcher’s Broom

It will be of great use when it comes to pain relief and discomfort. This herb also supports the circulatory system, since it contains important flavonoids that strengthen capillary walls.

Take 100mg of butcher’s broom supplements three times a day. Its supplements are high in vitamins B and C, as well as calcium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, silicon, and zinc.

Important note: People with high blood pressure or benign prostate hyperplasia are not allowed to take this herb without a previous medical consultation.

6. Witch Hazel

Similar to Butcher’s Broom, this herb will also help you to strengthen your blood vessels. Having gallic acid as one of its components, it means that it can help reduce the swelling and ease the pain.

All you should do is to soak a washcloth in witch hazel and put it on the area you want to treat. Do this two or three times a day in a period of one or two months.

Another alternative solution will be filling a tub with lukewarm water and add 10 to 20 drops of distilled witch hazel. Next step is soaking your legs in it for at least 15 minutes. And finally, wash your legs with clean water and pat them dry. Do this treatment once in a day for one or two months.

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