A famous doctor reveals: do this every day and you will be healed of every disease

In the opinion of many doctors, the following tips can be your ally in fighting off a number of different diseases. A famous doctor says that if you make them your routine, your overall health state will be improved.

Have you heard of sun gazing? Look at the Sun in the first hour after sunrise or before sunset. You should start with 10 seconds, and then increase gradually for 10 seconds every day. When you are doing this, stand with barefoot on dry ground or concrete.

Use natural spring water, without fluoride. You should leave the water exposed to sunny rays for few hours in a clear, colorless, glass bottle. In that way, it will absorb solar energy. You should not leave it outside overnight.

Practice exercises on fresh air. Go in the park every day. It is both a mental and physical relaxation.

Take walks every day. Start your morning with taking a deep breath in the fresh air, and do the same in the evening for at least 20 minutes.

It is recommended to go to bed early, between 10pm and 2 am, because the body secretes healing hormones in this period. Live by the Sun and let its rhythm lead you.

Instead of using commercial products filled with chemicals, use natural ones.

Consume often raw fruits and vegetables. Grains are also good food for your organism. You should also eat less products of animal products.

Eliminate products with artificial sweeteners.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, black tea and canned products as much as you can.

Stay positive, optimistic, and cheerful. In that way, you will advance the secretion of therapeutic hormones.

Don’t let negative thoughts occupy your mind, or affect your mood, since your thoughts are a reflection of your subconsciousness. Everything depends on your self-control. Think that everything is fine and you’ll be fine.

Always forgive yourself and others. You will liberate yourself of negative feelings such as hatred and anger, which never bring anything good. By doing this noble act, you will primarily help yourself.

The ideal nourishment includes eating completely raw plant foods. Consume almonds and walnuts. Have 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil. Taking 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds is also highly recommended.

The positive effects of eating raw plants and solar energy can even help with treating mental diseases.

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