Garlic In Milk- Cures Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cough And Many Other Diseases!

At first, combining these ingredients may sound strange to you, but once you try it just wait to see your overall condition improved.

This drink’s name is Garlic Milk, since its main ingredients are garlic and warm milk.

Here’s the amazing recipe:

You will need the following ingredients:

– 500 ml of milk

– 10 cloves of peeled and minced garlic

– 2 or 3 teaspoons of sugar

– 250 ml of water

Preparation process:

1. Take a pot and pour the water and milk into it.

2. Add the garlic and put the pot on heat.

3. Allow the mixture start boiling.

4. The heat should be kept on medium temperature.

5. Stir well and continuously, until the liquid evaporates to one half of the initial amount.

6. Strain and add the sugar.

This health bomb it is advised to be served hot.

You will successfully treat the following benefits:

Asthma – All you need to do is to consume three cloves of garlic every night and you will ease the symptoms of asthma.

Pneumonia – Consume Garlic Milk three times a day and you will notice significant amelioration.

Cardiac problems – this drink brings down the levels of bad cholesterol, prevents the formation of clots, hence stimulating the circulation. When prepared with skimmed or low fat milk, it will help with cardiac problems.

It cures jaundice – garlic is extremely effective when it comes to eliminating accumulated toxins from your body.

This process comes as a result of the garlic activating the liver enzymes. The liver needs sulfur for body cleaning, and garlic has it in abundance. This ingredient boosts the production of bile, and in that way lowers down the amount of fat in the liver. Just try drinking Garlic Milk for 4-5 days to treat this condition.

Arthritis – By consuming this drink regularly, you will manage to reduce the symptoms which go along with this disease, as well as inflammation and pain.

Insomnia – It will help you surpass the sleeping disorders, owing to the soothing elements that garlic contains.

Cough – If you combine it with turmeric, you will make yourself a powerful drink for treating cough. Garlic has strong antibacterial effects, which prove its cough healing properties. To get rid of the cough for good, just add honey.

Tuberculosis of lungs – We are offering you a natural remedy to this disease. Just use one gram of garlic, 240 ml of milk, and one liter of water. Boil these ingredients together until you are left with one fourth of the initial amount. Consume it three times daily.

Cholesterol – By consuming this powerful remedy, regularly for a week, you will manage to bring down the levels of LDL cholesterol or more known as the bad cholesterol, and you will increase the levels of HDL, or the good cholesterol in your body.

Digestive health – The antiseptic effects of garlic stimulate the immune system and they keep healthy the digestive tract.

Impotence – Garlic is a natural infertility fighter. Consuming boiled pieces of garlic will efficiently treat this problem, applied for both men and women.

Sciatica – There is no doubt that Garlic Milk is cure number 1 when it comes to curing sciatica nerve pain. Consuming this natural drink will help you soothe sciatica pain.

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