Gentle Elephant Shot In Head Walks Up To Truck To Ask For Help

He was very close to death, but he was lucky. Pretty Boy, an amazing elephant, had been shot, and he was brave enough to walk around with his wounds for weeks.

Poachers shot him in the forehead, but he didn’t give up. He asked for help.

The Dodo claims that an elephant called Pretty Boy managed to survive for several weeks after being shot in the forehead. Veterinarians from the Rehabilitation Trust and Animal and Wildlife Area Research and Rehabilitation Trust heard that the gorgeous elephant was injured and they rushed to Mana Pools National Park.

Saving Pretty Boy was easy because he walked right up to the people. One of the veterinarians posted on Facebook that Pretty Boy made himself available for examination within 30 minutes, coming right up to vets’ car.

He added that an extremely relaxed and calm, the veterinarians managed to get a good look and they immediately noticed a hole going into his forehead. Pretty Boy was calmed then taken in for an X-ray, which shown that a deformed bullet was inside of Pretty Boy’s head.

When Director of AWARE, Dr. Lisa Marabini, was asked to reveal more about this, she said that bullets were usually sterile when they go inside flesh because they generate so much heat, so if they don’t hurt a vital structure they can often be left inside.

Pretty Boy was hit too high. The bullet glanced off his skull and caused a fracture in the bones of his sinuses. Marabini said that the elephant’s wound was infected and didn’t heal for weeks, so it was very important the dead pieces of bone be removed so that the body could heal the infection.

Whoever done this to this handsome elephant, definitely wanted to kill him. Vets said that they found an abscess on his shoulder from another bullet. Luckily, poachers were poorly trained.

Marabini told Sky News that they thought he was shot outside the park, but he came into the park looking for protection.

While the incident itself is terrible, it is amazing how trusting and calm Pretty Boy was toward the people who clearly wanted to help him.

The vets disinfected the elephant’s wound then gave him parasiticides and antibiotics.

It will take time until Pretty Boy is fully healed, but he is on the right way. He was 5 cm close to death, but he was lucky.

Please don’t forget to share this article. We should raise awareness about the African elephants’ plight. It is expected that within 10 years, the African elephants will go extinct. Don’t let that happen and raise a voice against poaching. Share news like this to encourage other people to get involved.

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