Health Department Confirmed Semen found on McDonald’s Mayonnaise

This shocking story was shared by Lisa McDowell, a 31 year old woman from Michigan. This past week, she had a lunch in the world’s most popular fast food restaurant McDonald’s. She went out with her friends and she ordered McChicken sandwich. She was in the middle of her sandwich, when she noticed a clump of mayo on the bun. ‘I licked it off, but when I felt the taste, I knew immediately that something is wrong’ .Lisa found this taste familiar, because on special occasions, she had the habit to give her husband something extra in the bedroom. Lisa was more than frank and she definitely is telling the truth when she decided to share something that intimate.

The woman was firmed to call over the manager. When he refused the accusations, she decided to take the step further. She contacted the local health department and they sent the mayo off for testing. It turned out that the results were positive for 2 different types of semen. Yes, POSITIVE!. And on top of it, a few days later, Lisa awoke from her sleep with a red rash in the corner of her lips. But, things went even worse. The rash developed into severe blisters. She visited her doctor and he gave her the diagnosis of herpes virus. She claims that this came as a consequence of that lunch at McDonald’s.

Having the proof, the manager had to fire two of his employees. The manager of McDonald’s in his defense, said that they cannot have the employees under control all the time. He also said that they can only hope to hire people who are able to satisfy the needs of their famous company.

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  1. This is really scary! I already have uneasy feelings about trying new places to eat and have to build my confidence on cleanliness and then tasty fresh foods. Young people today find doing mischievous and ugly behaviour, trusting they will not be found out, and no consequences! Some of the management is very young and I don’t have a good feeling about them based on their dress. What can a customer do in these situations, where you feel something is just not right with your food? Its a shame these employees did not receive more discipline since they will be inclined to do it again? I feel this is a serious issue and should be handled as such.

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