Your Health is in Risk if you Sleep Like This in the Night!

In this article we are going to explain you why sleeping in the same position is not good for your health.

When you have spent a good night’s sleep, your immune system is strengthened, your memory and concentration are improved and you feel more energized. But, the sleeping position is also important. A third of your life falls to sleeping, and almost 95% of people sleep every night in the same position.

1. Sleeping on your back is good for your back and spine, but bad for people who snore

People who sleep on their back, rarely have lower back pain and stiff neck when they wake up. This position is also good for the health of your internal organs. In this position, the digestive organs are pressed and function better, hence helping you lose weight.
Place pillow support below the knees, in order to keep the backbone in proper position. Keep in mind that this position is not recommended for people who snore, because in this way they will only worsen the condition.

2. Sleeping on the side is god for your airways, but bad for the face

Since this position follows the natural line of the spine, it means that it prevents back pain. But, if your head is not parallel to the body, it could result consequences such as distortion and neck stiffness. When it comes to this position, choosing a high-quality pillow is very important, in order to keep your head and neck in the proper position. Plus, sleeping on the side reduces breathing difficulties and stomach issues. This is the ideal position for those who snore, but it is not good for your face since it is in constant contact with the pillow and it creates pines.

3. Sleeping on your stomach is excellent for sore lower back, but not good for the cervical vertebrae

If you occasionally sleep on your stomach, you will reduce the pain in your lower back and relieve the pressure on the vertebrae. However, experts advise you to be cautious, informing that this is still the biggest risk for the back.

Sleeping on your back flattens the lower back , but your head and neck are in the same position during the entire night, leading to stiff neck. Moreover, the constant pressure on the cervical nerves can cause tingling of the hands and feet, as soon as you get up.

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