Here’s How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only One Glass Of Water! This Is What You Need To Know!

There are many ways to identify negative energies in our house. With the help of this method, you will be able to notice them quickly and react properly. An Energy periodic cleaning helps creating a nice atmosphere and harmony of your home and all family members.

What happens with the energy in your home?

We put great deal of our energy in the place w live. Our home is a combination of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. The family members carry the main role, even though neighbors or visitors can also have influence. You can sense negative energies in various methods. The economy will begin to vary, luck will no longer be on your side and the relationships between you and your family members are tense. Apart from disharmony, animals also behave odd. If you notice them acting nervous, they have probably sensed negative energy around them. The plants wilt, appliances break down and your home soon becomes uncomfortable place for living. You probably won’t be able to notice all these signs at once, so it is very important to have other techniques to detect negative energies.

How one glass of water will help us to detect them?

Principally, start analyzing what is going on in your house. If you can’t find the real root of the problems, try this method which involves only a glass of water and discover all bad vibes.

– Get a glass, without drawings, color, and cut. Also, bear in mind that you cannot reuse the glass. Using a vessel would be even better and you will use it only for this function.

– Cover 1/3 of the glass with salt sea.

– Now, fill 2/3 of the container with white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar would also be good.

– Cover the remaining third with pure water.

– Next, put the glass in a room in your house where you have noticed more powerful negative vibes. You can also put it in the room where you receive guests, where all members of your family get together, and so on.

– Place it in a hidden corner and leave it there to sit for 24 hours. Make sure that nobody moves the glass out of place during this period.

– The next day, observe the state of the glass.

– If it has the same state as when you have left, it means that the bad vibes are not present in that particular room. Move the glass to another room and repeat the method.

– If you see the glass gasified, with smudged colors or colored green, it is an obvious indicator that you have to clean the energy. Any unusual thing that happens to the glass, might be a consequence of energy issues. In this case, you should strip the contents of the glass into the toilet and let the water flow. Make sure you wash the glass well, add the same ingredients and repeat the procedure in the same room for another 24 hours. Do it as many times as necessary.

Watch the video below:

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