Here’s How Much Sleep You Need According To Your Age

Sleep is beyond important if you want to function well the next day. Getting the rest that we need gives us the necessary energy and staying in good mood throughout the whole day. However, there is a recommended amount of sleep that the human body requires according to your age.

How Long Should You Sleep

An adult should sleep 8 hours every night, while children under the age of 18 are recommended to sleep for much longer.

What Is Your Recommended Sleeping Hours?

The National Sleep Foundation has created a chart which shows how much sleep we need. This chart was designed by a group of experts from various scientific fields like: gerontology, physiology, pediatrics, sleep and anatomy, gynecology and neurology.

The following symptoms indicate bad sleeping habits:

• Persistent Back Pain

Excessive sleep is just as bad as lack of sleep. If you practice long hours of sleep, your back muscles will weaken, leading to back pain. To get rid of the pain, work out regularly and don’t spend your days off in sleep-in. instead, try some low intensity exercise to strengthen your back muscles.

• Weight Issues

When you sleep for too long, your metabolism slows down and you are more prone to storing up energy instead of using it. If you don’t take care of this problem, you might gain excess of pounds and even struggle with obesity.

• Anxiety and Depression

Sleeping disorders like insomnia or oversleeping can be a result of anxiety or depression. Experts on this topic stated that about 15% of patients with anxiety tend to oversleep and this can seriously affect a person’s mental health.

• Persistent Headaches

Oversleeping can cause persistent and severe headaches. This condition occurs as a result of the damage to the neurotransmitters which affects the quality of your sleep.

• Type II Diabetes

Not sleeping enough or sleeping too much, your body may have difficulties processing glucose, hence leading to insulin resistance and type II diabetes.

• Cardiovascular condition

As stated in the Nurses’ Health Study, involving about 72,000 subjects, was proven that people who sleep more are likely to have coronary heart disease as opposed to people who sleep an average of eight hours per night.

• Fatality

This can be a culmination, resulting from oversleeping. This condition can be fatal so if you notice that you are oversleeping, don’t disregard it.


How to Control Oversleeping?

– Make a strict sleep schedule and stick to it.

– Keep all electronic devices away from you before going to bed. Put them off at least one hour before bedtime.

– Start practicing yoga exercises and mediation. In this way, you will be relaxed before bedtime.

– You can take cold shower to help you sleep better.

– Be physically active. Exercising regularly is important for both your physical and mental health.

– Drink water as much as you can to give your body its necessary hydration. In this way you will also keep your mind alert.

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