Here’s Why You Should Leave A Coin In The Freezer, Every Time Before You Leave The House. Amazing!

Have you ever noticed that your digital clocks show the wrong time after you came back from work or from a walk?

The first thing that comes to your mind is that there was no power outage. But, even if happened, you simply cannot know how long there was no electricity.

Sometimes it may last for few minutes, but sometimes for a few days. This can result in defrosting your food in the freezer. When electricity comes back, your foods freeze again and you cannot notice that they were defrosted.

This situation can be extremely dangerous because some foods can spread salmonella and other harmful bacteria!

Today, we are going to present you a perfect way to still find out if and how long your freezer was without electricity!

If you follow the instructions, you will find out whether the food is good for consumption or was too long being in warm.

For this you need

  • Water
  • A coin
  • A cup

Take a clean bowl and pour some in it. Put the bowl in the freezer to freeze. When the water turns into ice, put a coin on the top of the cup and put the cup back to the freezer.

It is very easy. After you come back from your trip or your holiday, check where the coin is.

If you see that the coin is still at the top or in the middle of the cup, it means that there was a power outage for a short time, because it means that the water was only partly melted.

But, if you notice that the coin is at the bottom of the cup, it means that the power outage was for a long time. The water in the cup melted completely, and the coin sank all to the bottom. In this case, we recommend you to think twice before you consume the foods from the freezer.

Awesome trick, right? It very useful when you go on a long trip!

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