HIIT Workout to Burn 150 Calories in 10 Minutes

It is time to stop making any kind of excuses when it comes to health and wellness. 10 minutes a day is a perfect amount of time that everyone can find, no matter how busy they are! Give all your strength and effort for just 10 minutes and you will not only burn 150 calories but even more during the rest of the day.

This makes this exercise of really high intensity which is actually much better than longer exercises with lower intensity.

High Intensity Interval Training otherwise known as HIIT alternates between bursts of all out intensity and shorter lower-intensity recovery intervals, which gives your body just a short time to rest so that it doesn’t recover fully.

These spikes in the heart rate stumilate growth hormones that help you build lean mass which is the case of any HIIT exercise. While as the typical cardio workouts put your body in a catabolic state where you only metabolize muscle mass.

You can turn any kind of workout in a high-intensity one, the trick is to include strength training in your intervals.

The best thing about these exercises is the burn you feel after you finish it, and the aftereffect lasts much longer as it speeds up your metabolism. While cardio has the shortest afterburn, strength training has the longest one. Put these two together and you will burn fat around the clock!

Whenever you want to make your own HIIT workout, keep these things in mind:

• Choose full body movements than partial ones to burn more calories.
• Interval, means time. So go for strength and speed and be sure to pack that into the specific amount of time. That is what makes it high intensity, the effort, not the reps.
• Make sure you have all the material needed for you exercise so you don’t lose any time between exercises.
• Although it is high intensity workout, don’t try to lift to heavy because you will do more harm than good. Try to give your muscles time to recover before you call on them again!
• The recovery interval does not mean complete rest! Try to keep moving but with a lower intensity. That is why you should choose easy cardio workouts so that your muscles have time to relax and recover a bit. That is what the big picture is about.

10 Minute High Intensity Interval Workout

This is our recommendation of a perfectly set 10 minute high intensity workout that will keep you going and burn those calories away.

You will need a jump rope and two medium weight dumbbells. Just try to keep the equipment close and keep it up for 10 minutes and you body will award you for it!

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