Honey Wrap – Treats Bad Cough and Removes Mucus from the Lungs In Just One Night, Especially Good For Kids! Recipes for Every Occasion

Colds and coughs are minor illnesses, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need proper treatment. They can cause you many problems, since coughing can be a reason for bad concentration and a few restless nights.

The first thing that people use in a situation like this is cough syrup. But, sometimes they are not aware of the fact that syrup suppresses the pathway of signals in the brain that triggers severe coughing. As you can see syrups are not the best solution. Plus it contains ingredients such as codeine and dextromethorphan, which usually cause side-effects like drowsiness, headache, and rapid heartbeat. So, having this information in mind, you should think of another solution. Luckily you have us and this article to find out the solution to this common and irritating problem Natural remedies are always the answer to almost everything.

We present you this remedy with honey:

No side-effects, completely natural and effective, the so called Honey wrap will help you to ease the symptoms of a cold. As we all know, honey is abundant in health benefits and it will expel mucus from your lungs. It is also efficient in treating a sore throat and clogged sinuses.

Follow the steps for the honey wrap recipe:


– Raw, organic honey
– Coconut oil
– Flour
– Napkin
– Adhesive medical tape


Make a mixture of a teaspoon of flour and a small amount of honey. Next, add a little bit of warmed coconut oil and mix well again. Place the mixture on a napkin, and attach the wrap on your chest. You will be able to do this by using and adhesive medical tape.

Important note: Adults can keep the wrap during the whole night, but kids can keep it no more than 2-3 hours. You will feel the amazing benefits after the first use of this treatment, but it is completely safe to continue practicing this procedure as long as you want to.

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