How to avoid pain in your heel – Jogger heel and plantar fasciitis

It is important to know that plantar fasciitis or jogger heel are type of pain in the heel disorder and in the bottom of your foot. In this case, people have inflamed the tough and fibrous or fascia tissue connecting to your heel bone to your own toes. Moreover, it will come consequence to long period running, standing and bearing physical activity.



People who suffer from plantar fasciitis or jogger heel is claiming that pain was intolerance and hammering look like hammering nail on your heel. Many people with profession that need long period running or standing at high risk plantar fasciitis development. This cause could lead numerous condition include flat feet, hard running, high arched feet and bone spurs. Furthermore, people who sleep overnight often get high risk of plantar fasciitis development and get excess weight for additional pressure on their feet. In addition, it can be caused by type of their shoes wear like poorly and older made. Plantar fasciitis is also result from use of shoes with heel cushioning.


Plantar fasciitis is common accompanied by stinging, throbbing pain, burning and stabbing. Usually. This pain is located in the middle of foot and radiate to the heel or toe. The pain is very extreme at the early morning, especially when people wakeup from their bed. There is type of pain remain persistent. This pain is persistent and usually last for months and longer times.


Plantar fasciitis can be treated on time because it can painful and can lead other serious diseases. There are different type of treatment that help people to cure this problem. Some of effective and efficient treatment is R.I.C.E treatment by using orthopedic shoes, orthotic shoes, diet program, stretching, strengthening and splint. That is effective and efficient method to treat plantar fasciitis by RICE treatment or elevation and rest icepack application compression. This research has been found and showed that almost twenty five percent of plantar fasciitis patients. Moreover, dietary alteration is also important in this treatment and people only need incorporate magnesium and zinc in their diet program as they get ability to re-generate any damaged tissue.

Traditional remedy;

There is traditional and natural remedy that give effective and efficient result for plantar fasciitis treatment as follows:

Honey and salt compresses. You can mix between honey and salt and applies this mixture on affected place. Then place gauze on place and stick it properly. Then you can place bandage and nylon bag and put sock and leave for one night.

Potato envelop. It will easy and intolerance pain. You should wash potatoes and shred it unpeeled and when it is ready, you should place it on the gauze. You apply potatoes on the affected area. Then, you bandage your feet with nylon bag and sock it. You should change wrap in everyday and repeat again this procedure for seven or eight days.

It is simple hit your heel from floor for few times in 24 hours, in order to bolster calcium circulation, prevent salt storage and increase salt metabolism.

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